The MacBook Air 2022 M2 waited for the sales to end to be at its lowest price

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Increasingly powerful, the 2022 MaBook Air features not only a new design, but also the powerful M2 chip. With a very high price at its launch, it is now possible to have it cheaper at Ubaldi: 1,319 euros instead of 1,499 euros.

MacBook Air 2022 M2 // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

Since the introduction of the new Mac Mini, equipped with the M2 chip, the MaBook Air 2022 becomes more difficult to advise. Both devices benefit from almost similar power, with a huge price difference. However, Apple’s stationary PC will have a hard time convincing people looking for a powerful and portable machine. For this, the MacBook Air M2 takes the lead and is currently at its lowest price thanks to a discount of 180 euros.

The key things to remember about the 2022 MacBook Air

  • A silent machine with a careful design
  • A faster chip: the M2
  • A solid autonomy to endure the day without worries

Available at launch at a price of 1,499 euros, the MacBook Air 2022 M2 (8 GB of RAM, 256 SSD storage) sees its price drop to 1,319 euros on the Ubaldi site.

If the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available, check below to find other promotions for the MacBook Air 2022 M2. The table is automatically updated.

Where to buy

Apple MacBook Air 2022 M2 at the best price?

A design that is close to the MacBook Pro

In 2020, the Macbook Air M1 didn’t get a chance to benefit from a “makeover” and took over the chassis of the latest Intel MacBook Air. It is with the 2022 model that the Cupertino company introduced a new design to its laptop. The MacBook Air 2022 takes up the aesthetic codes of the Pro models launched in 2021, with reduced borders around the screen, the appearance of a notch, as well as a new speaker system hidden in the hinge… And also the disappearance of the mention ” MacBook Air”, which was found in earlier versions, below the screen.

What does not change, however, are obviously these very careful finishes that characterize all the products of the Cupertino company. The whole thing is rounded off by the very good keyboard with backlit keys as well as the large and comfortable trackpad. In terms of display, we are entitled to a new 13.6-inch “Liquid Retina” (ie IPS LCD) screen for a definition of 2,560 x 1,664 pixels. The panel will be very easy on the eye, both in low light and in somewhat strong ambient lighting. However, be careful of glare from the sun, as the screen is quite bright.

The second generation of Apple Silicon chips

The magic of Apple Silicon chips still works: Even if Apple’s M1 chip still performs very well today, the M2 chip promises better performance. The ultrabook runs perfectly and handles demanding applications (Final Cut Pro with multiple 4K streams, Photoshop, Xcode, etc.) without any problems, although the Pro version is a bit more comfortable in this last aspect.

As for autonomy, in most scenarios, it shows autonomy to compete with most ultraportables on the market. Above all, what impresses is the performance / autonomy ratio. It will accompany you for hours and can even exceed the day of use without recharging if your use is less intensive. Regarding the recharge, count from 1 to 2 hours depending on the power of the charger.

Find our full test on the MacBook Air 2022 M2, for more details.

7 /10

Apple MacBook Air M2 Frandroid 2022

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