The JBL Bar 500 is a powerful sound bar, today with a €250 discount

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Adding a sound bar to your high-tech gear isn’t flash. On the contrary, it’s a good idea, especially if you already have a 4K TV. Why enjoy incredible images if the sound is not so much? This is where sound bars come in to enhance the audio of your content and immerse you even more in it. If you feel like it now, know that the price of the JBL Bar 500 has gone from 649 euros to 399 euros in Boulanger.

The JBL Bar 500 // Source : JBL

With Bose or Sonos, JBL is one of the leaders in the audio equipment market, but the American company is best known for its headphones, earphones and mobile speakers. It turns out that their catalog has also included sound bars for a few years now and there are even higher-end products in the lot. In addition, one of the models from its latest Bar range, the JBL Bar 500, currently benefits from a discount of 250 euros at Boulanger.

The JBL Bar 500 in a nutshell

  • A 5.1 channel audio system with a power of 590 W
  • Dolby Atmos support
  • Easy to use with the JBL One app

Instead of the usual 649 euros, the JBL Bar 500 is now available for sale for 399 euros at Boulanger.

If the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available, check below to find other promotions for the JBL Bar 500. The table is updated automatically.

where to buy the

JBL Bar 500 at the best price?

A classic home theater, ideal for beginners

The JBL Bar 500 is a home theater set that combines a sound bar and a wireless subwoofer, here we have a 5.1 channel audio setup. Counting the subwoofer, we have a total of eight speakers, the sound bar has seven, five are directed towards the viewer and the other two are on the sides. On the other hand, there’s no vertical spatialization, but the JBL Bar 500 still has game-changing MultiBeam surround sound that we’ll discuss below.

The set is classic, of course, but if you’ve never owned a soundbar, this model is ideal for beginners. On the one hand, you can easily configure it by pairing it from your smartphone through the JBL One application and the audio calibration can be carried out automatically according to the characteristics of your room. On the other hand, it is easy to install. The subwoofer is wireless, so you won’t have cables trailing all over your living room.

A sound bar that has some in the trunk

The JBL Bar 500 delivers a punchy 590W RMS power, including 300W for the subwoofer, so it will suit both small and large living rooms thanks to acoustic calibration. This home theater uses several technologies, firstly the compatibility with Dolby Atmos that offers 3D surround sound and PureVoice, a JBL exclusive technology that improves the clarity of dialogues and voices. We were also talking about the MultiBeam, another JBL exclusive that uses the reverb from your walls and bounces the sound to the four corners of the room. So you can do without the rear speakers.

Even if this soundbar is in the mid-range, everything is done to keep you immersed in your movie without the need for vertical spatialization. Thanks to the HDMI input supporting UHD 4K transmissions, the JBL Bar 500 can also be used for watching movies, listening to music and even during gaming sessions. The connection also includes a USB-A port and an optical port. Finally, the soundbar can act as a connected speaker since it is Bluetooth enabled and is compatible with various voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri and the Google assistant.

Want a home theater that raises the bar?

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