The iPhone 15 Pro Max would set a new record to delight fans of thin bezels

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According to Ice Universe, the black borders around the iPhone 15 Pro Max will break a record for thinness in the smartphone market.

Source: Ian Zelbo via 9to5Mac

In smartphones, one of the battles in terms of design lies in the refinement of the edges around the screen. In this little game, Apple would win a lot of points with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The latter would go further than ever to push the limits.

In fact, according to Ice Universe – famous leaker known for its good general reliability – the future great model of Apple “ will break the record of 1.81 mm of black borders held by the Xiaomi 13 In fact, he claims that the iPhone 15 Pro Max would have just 1.55mm edges around the screen.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max will break the 1.81mm bezel black edge record held by Xiaomi 13, and we measure its cover plate black bezel width to be just 1.55mm. (S22 and S23 ≈1.95mm, iPhone 14 Pro 2.17mm)

— Ice Universe (@UniverseIce) March 17, 2023

Thin edges but a pill

The leaker with the photo of the cat gives some points of comparison by remembering that the Samsung Galaxy S23 measures 1.95 mm in this detail. 2.17 mm for iPhone 14 Pro. Therefore, the screen of the future iPhone 15 Pro Max should cover a very large percentage of the front face. Percentage that, however, should be undermined by a large black tablet, at the top, which houses the sensors for selfies and Face ID and is dressed with the Dynamic Island functionalities.

CAD renderings of the iPhone 15 Pro recently released by 9to5Mac corroboratefirstThe Ice Universe accusations. In the images in question we can see that the front screen is framed by very thin edges. However, what the leaker suggests is that the Max version would go even further than the Pro version.

Obviously, all of this will remain to be confirmed when the phones are announced. Remember, too, that this small design evolution risks being overshadowed by bigger transformations like the arrival of the USB-C port on the iPhone.

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