the iPad Pro would see big changes in 2024

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We’ve talked about it several times, but the trail of an iPad Pro Oled for 2024 continues to gather steam this week. We also learned that the device could benefit from a design change for the occasion.

The iPad Pro would switch to Oled and could also change its appearance in 2024 // Source: FRANDROID / Anthony WONNER

As a move to Oled technology for the iPad Pro is gradually confirmed for 2024, Mark Gurman tells us a bit more about the future of Apple’s high-end slate. in your newsletter Switched onthe journalist of Bloomberg indicated this weekend that if 2023 would be a pretty boring year for the iPad (no big news expected), 2024 would be a turning point for the iPad Pro.

We found out in particular that your display technology change would be the occasion of a ” major repairs of your design. It would then be quite a stir for the iPad Pro, which has barely evolved aesthetically since 2018.

Towards a new design for the iPad Pro 2024?

Still, if Mark Gurman talks about a “modernized designfor the iPad Pro 2024, the journalist still can’t tell us much more about what to expect in that regard. According to other rumors, the transition from the iPad Pro to Oled would take place thanks to a very particular production method for its panel: the “dry etching” (eitherdry etchingin English).

This manufacturing technique would theoretically lead to an extremely thin Oled panel and therefore potentially a refined and lightened chassis for the iPad Pro 2024. We can also imagine that Apple will take the opportunity to change the diagonal of the screen or even its relationship. to lead, you never know, to a larger viewing area.

Finally, it is rumored that Apple does not intend to use Oled technology in its iPad Pro for a long time. Starting in 2024, the firm would seek to integrate MicroLED screens into its Apple Watch Ultra. A technology that could then find its way from 2025 to other devices, including the iPhone, some Macs, and the iPad Pro. Note, however, that this information is currently difficult to substantiate. In a word: caution.

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