The iPad 10 (2022) finally sees its price reduced thanks to this promotion

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It is true that Apple products are rarely for sale. So when the brand’s latest iPad 10 (2022) is at a lower price, it’s the perfect opportunity to get it at a reduced price.

L’iPad 10 (2022) // Source: Frandroid – Robin Wycke

The iPad is in its tenth generation. For this model, Apple has come to modernize its affordable tablet with less thick and even edges. It’s a very good product that deserves an 8/10 just for its build quality and pretty flawless experience. But, with its price around 600 euros, we give it a score of 7/10. Fortunately, the board becomes more affordable thanks to this discount of 50 euros.

What to remember about iPad 10 (2022)

  • An updated design
  • The screen well calibrated
  • A complete, rich and smooth software experience

The iPad 10 (2022) with 64 GB of storage has been available since its launch at a price of 589 euros, but for now we can find the tablet on sale at 539 euros on the E.Leclerc site.

If the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available after that, check below to find other promotions for the iPad 10 (2022). The table is automatically updated.

Where to buy

Apple iPad 10 (2022) at the best price?

A redesigned design for better grip

The design of this new iPad 10 brings together a large part of the novelties. Exit the huge black borders at the top and bottom. The central button also comes out, also dated on the previous model. It’s a nice device to handle with its flat edges, but also easy to carry at 477g.

With much less present borders, but above all equalized, the screen offers better immersion and despite its LCD technology, this 10.9-inch panel with 1640×2360 pixels never gives the impression of poor quality. A higher definition would not have been rejected, but the panel is more than enough to read the press, watch videos, surf the Web or play small games.

A nice tablet to use every day.

Apple’s 2022 slate is switching to an A14 Bionic chip, introduced in the iPhone 12. It’s far more powerful than many chips on the market. It provides very good performance and can run all applications or play 3D games. However, if you absolutely need power, go for an iPad Air M1.

Apple tablets are particularly known for their responsiveness thanks to the iPadOS interface. This is the most advanced software interface on the tablet market. It’s packed with apps, widgets, and it’s not lacking in fluidity. Also new is the addition of USB-C, which is good news for the life of your purchase. As for autonomy, the iPad can last a day and a half of intensive use, or even two days without any problem. The 20W charge allows you to recharge it in more than an hour.

Discover all the details in our test dedicated to the iPad 10 (2022).

7 /10

Apple iPad 10 2022 Android 2022

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