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The year 2023 could mark a turning point at Apple, which plans several changes in strategy, particularly in Europe. Mixed reality headsets, USB-C on the iPhone, the merging of iPad and HomePod, the opening to side-loading, and the new Mac Pro are among the major developments we’d like to see happen.

Illustration of Tim Cook with the Apple Glass
Illustration of Tim Cook using Apple Glass // Source: Generated by AI with Stable Diffusion

Since the big architectural change to its Macs in 2020, Apple seems to have gone back to a fairly classic refresh cycle for its products. We can even correctly predict what they will launch and with what improvements. From AirPods to iPhone via iPad and MacBook, we are already used to the contemporary Apple catalog.

The year 2023 could be the year of the break. The one in which Apple would embark on major changes for its future.

A year with a new product category

You already have to approach the virtual elephant in the middle of the room. It is in 2023 when we expect Apple to introduce a new category of products, something the company does not do every day. Rumors agree to a presentation of a mixed reality headset in the spring to start convincing developers to participate in this adventure.

Meta Quest Pro // Source: Meta

Its supposed price of $3,000 would make the product completely inaccessible at first. But when Meta sells a Meta Quest Pro at 1,800 euros, one wonders what Apple will offer to command such a price.

The company is particularly expected to activate the user experience. It has always known how to excel at this point, and we are looking forward to discovering the good ideas of its engineers to compete with Meta’s discoveries. The latter seems to have taken such a lead in the field that Apple’s ambition makes us curious.

The year of USB-C, finally

The year 2023 will not only be a year of firsts for Apple, but also a year of changes. The firm should finally abandon its Lightning by integrating a USB-C port into its iPhone 15. Apple has even confirmed this. Of course, Europe puts pressure on the company on this issue, but this should allow your smartphone to offer much faster data transfer and perhaps improved wired charging.

USB-C cable // Source: Marcus Urbenz on Unsplash

With the start of this transition, Apple should sooner or later switch its other products to USB-C. Keyboards and mice or AirPods will probably be next on the list. You can wait until 2024, but within the next 18 months Apple should definitely be using the industry standard connector.

Apple could also revamp its iPhone lineup and introduce an iPhone Ultra for the first time. The iPhone 15 Ultra would be entitled, in particular, to a titanium chassis and a new periscope telephoto lens capable of offering a new level of zoom unmatched on iPhone.

The year of opening to competitors?

In the continuity of USB-C adoption, 2023 also seems to be the year of Apple opening up to competition. In particular, iPhones sold in the EU should be entitled to alternative app stores to the App Store. The firm has also contributed to the advancement of wireless charging by sharing certain MagSafe technologies.

App Store // Source: James Yarema on Unsplash

When we put the pieces of the puzzle together, we realize we could be entitled to an iPhone before the end of the year that charges like Android devices and can access the same apps as its competitors. We think of gaming applications in the cloud or Fortnitenow banned from the App Store.

From home connected and entertained

Apple has been relying on its services for a few years to find more and more growth. Apple One, with Apple Music, Apple Arcade and Apple TV + are becoming more interesting. With the adoption of Matter, Apple wants more than ever to place itself as the center of your home. This explains the return of the Homepod and the idea of ​​a new product that would be planned for 2023.

Second generation Google Nest Hub
Second generation Google Nest Hub // Source: FRANDROID / Anthony WONNER

This new product would mark the fusion between Homepod, Apple TV and iPad: an all-in-one device for your living room or kitchen and focused on the use of a touch screen. Enough to boost the services of the American giant a little more.

This is undoubtedly the time to trust that in 2023 we are obviously also waiting for the sequels and new productions of Apple TV +, starting with the next season of the excellent series. ted lasso.

A new Mac Pro to flex your muscles

Apple has already abandoned most of its Intel machines, but there is still one product in the giant’s catalog with this type of processor: the Mac Pro. This is the office machine whose price starts at 6,499 euros.

The Mac Pro // Source: Apple

The year 2023 could be when Apple replaces this latest Mac with its own Apple Silicon chips. The firm would even have an Apple M2 Extreme chip in the boxes to make it even better than the Mac Studio. This new machine would, in fact, be the most powerful ever released by Apple and the culmination of its ARM architecture in its current form.

Something to pique your curiosity about what level of performance Apple could achieve and how it might compare to the latest products from AMD, Intel and Nvidia in the PC universe. Many questions arise around this future Mac Pro, including its ability to be user-upgradable, that is, install your own memory. This modularity was one of the strengths of the Mac Pro in the Apple ecosystem.

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