The great Crucial X6 1 TB SSD is at a super price on Amazon (-44%)

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If you are looking for an SSD with a large storage capacity to take over from your laptop or desktop PC, the 1TB Crucial X6 is undoubtedly one of the best options. Its price also drops: 72.99 euros instead of 130.99 euros.

Known for being faster and more efficient than hard drives, SSDs are perfect solutions to pair with your laptop or other PC. To acquire it, you don’t need to break the bank. The test with the Crucial brand that offers a portable SSD that ensures a read speed of up to 800 MB/s, the latter currently benefiting from a great promotion on Amazon.

The strengths of the Crucial SSD

  • A solid SSD, easy to transport
  • Speeds capable of reaching up to 800 MB/s
  • Good storage capacity.

With a strikethrough price of €130.99, the Crucial X6 1TB Portable SSD is now listed at €72.99 on Amazon’s site.

A small SSD designed to last over time

One of the main criteria that we expect from an external SSD is its portability to be able to take it everywhere with ease. With its dimensions of 6.9 × 1.1 × 6.4 cm and its light weight of 40 g, the Crucial X6 Portable SSD is quite compact and can be easily slipped into a bag.

Crucial has also wanted to insist on the design of its SSD, and offer a robust solution so that you can travel without worries, without fear of breaking. Thanks to its anodized aluminum casing, it is resistant to shocks, extreme temperatures, vibrations and even falls of up to 2 meters in height. Enough to protect all your data, even in the event of a small accident. Please note, however, that it is not waterproof.

Which ensures good performance.

Compared to hard drives, the Crucial X6 offers much higher write speeds. Not surprising for an SSD, which is capable of up to 800 MB/s in USB C 3.2. According to the brand, it is 5.6 times faster than most HDDs. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for regularly transferring high-definition photos and videos, all with reduced loading times.

To accommodate all your data, the SSD has a good amount of data, namely 1TB of storage, to store hundreds of videos. The SSD can also be used in many media such as PCs, Macs, Android devices, and tablets. The short load times provided by the SSD can even be very practical for your game console (the PS4 or the Xbox One), so you can expand the storage capacity.

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