The government had promised a price shield to charge electric cars: where are we?

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Last October, the Government announced the establishment of a price shield aimed at limiting the price of charging electric cars at public terminals. But as of early 2023, nothing seems to have really changed.

The electric car would be the future of mobility according to our leaders, who are pulling all the levers to encourage motorists to abandon their thermal cars. Ecological bonus, although falling at the beginning of the year, increasingly high sanction, not to mention the ban on the sale of internal combustion cars in Europe in 2035. But to keep up, and while sales of electric vehicles accelerate In France, charging infrastructures must also do the same. And our country is not really a very good student on this subject, despite Emmanuel Macron’s promise toinstall 100,000 charging points by the end of 2021.

a high cost

Effectively, we are in 2023 and this goal has not yet been achieved. you had to count 82,107 terminals in the territory as of December 31, for 1,102,975 electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in circulation. A figure that is still quite low, although we know that autonomy (and therefore fast charging) continues to be the main stumbling block for buying an electric car. But another problem also arises: the cost of recharging.

As we know, the price of electricity has skyrocketed in recent months, with a wholesale price that drops from 85 euros per MWh in 2021 to 1,000 euros last August. And of course, this has an impact on the cost of recharging, while many operators such as Tesla or Allego have revised their prices upwards, with for example 0.69 euros per kW in 50 kW terminals. But Tesla just revised his price list downward.

While some companies have lowered their prices in recent weeks, due to a slight drop in the cost of electricity, they are still too high for most. This is enough to discourage some buyers from going electric. A situation that the Government wanted to remedy, while the President of the Republic announced during the Paris Motor Show last October the establishment of a price shield at charging stations.

But since then, nothing. an eerie silence the senator of Seine-Saint-Denis Gilbert Roger, who questioned the Government last November about this measure. In this oral question number 0240S, she then drew the attention of the Minister for the Energy Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher ” on the opaque prices of charging stations for electric cars ». He also stated that ” current prices offered by private companies are not transparent“. But so far she has not received a response.

The Belib case

And to tell the truth, nothing seems to indicate that this price shield has been set in motion in secret, as evidenced by the delirious rise in prices at the Parisian operator Bélib’. At the terminals of the TotalEnergies subsidiary, it is now more expensive to fill the battery of your electric car than to refuel. Indeed, the company now applies double billing, per kWh and per minute.

With the Flex package up to 7 kW, it is necessary to count 0.55 euros per kWh and 0.78 euros for 15 minutes. This corresponds to a 10 to 80% full tank at 56 euros for a Tesla Model 3 Long Autonomy, that is. about 18 euros the 100 kilometers. By way of comparison, it costs between 10 and 15 euros to do 100 kilometers with a thermal car, depending on the model and the type of fuel. But Bélib’ is not the only one that has significantly increased its prices.

This is also the case for network west freightwhose kWh goes from 0.22 to 0.49 euros taxes included as of January 20 in terminals up to 22 kW as appropriate automotive cleaning. An incredible increase that will affect Côtes-d’Armor, Finistère, Ille-et-Vilaine, Loire-Atlantique, Mayenne and Vendée. Maine-et-Loire will not be affected at the moment.

As a reminder, the government has established a tariff shield for individuals, limit the increase in the price of electricity to 15% as of February 1, 2023, after a 4% increase last year. But this only affects the home, while professionals are not subject to this aid, which limits the increase in the monthly budget to 20 euros, compared to 180 without it on average. With the implementation of a similar system in the charging stations, the price would then be more framedprotecting electric car owners from very strong and dull surges.

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