The Google Pixel Watch will soon get a vital feature

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Introduced in 2018 by Apple in its fourth generation of connected watches, fall detection is coming to Google’s Pixel Watch. An option that was already available in other Android watches.

Released in October 2022, the Google Pixel Watch did not offer fall detection, which has been available since 2018 from Apple. // Source: Google

Google’s smartwatch is getting even better after its release. Released in October 2022, Google Pixel Watch users should soon receive an update to take advantage of a new feature, XDA Developers reports: fall detection.

Specifically, if you suddenly fall while wearing the watch and do not move for 30 seconds, it will ask you if you need help, and a minute later contact the emergency services if you do not.

Available since 2018 from Apple

If this technology has been equipping our elders through electronic bracelets for some time, it was Apple who was the first to integrate it into its Apple Watch Series 4 in 2018. A technology that has already saved lives and is now being equipped by other smartwatch brands, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5.

However, while the Pixel Watch had the necessary technology, this security was lacking when it launched in late 2022.

Vital security…disabled by default

In its press release, Google claims to have waited to permanently test this feature before making it available, to avoid false detections.

So you’re done, even if the option won’t be on by default: If you own a Pixel Watch, you’ll need to go into your Personal Safety app’s settings. An unfortunate additional step, since all its owners are not going to think about it.

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