The Google Phone application is renewed with a new call design

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Last September, a new design of the Google Phone application appeared for users of its beta version. This facelift now seems to extend to the stable version of the application. An interface that should be more practical for large smartphones.

google phone
Google Phone in Play Store // Source: Frandroid

Google’s calling app is getting a facelift. Wednesday March 1, the US site 9to5Google reported that an update to the interface of the Google Phone application is being rolled out for its users.

This new design had already been seen in September 2022 in various beta versions of the app, but only for certain Google Pixel owners. This time, the new version is extended to the stable version of Google Phone.

A more accessible interface for large smartphones

This new interface doesn’t revolutionize the design of the Google app, but it makes it easier to access calling options on large smartphones. In the screenshots of 9to5GoogleWe note that when a call is in progress, the options “mute microphone », «Keyboard” and “Speaker» are placed at the bottom of the screen on a map following the style of the Android 12 Material You graphic codes.

Next to these three buttons, a fourth key allows you to enlarge the map to show more options about this area: “Waiting», «Video call” and “add call“. Pressing the key on the numpad still shows this, but embedded in the map and also above the first few buttons. Also, the interface colors now adapt to the chosen accent colors.

A new calling pill

9to5GoogleAlso note that the rollout of this new design is also accompanied by a call in progress notification in the form of a colored pill indicating the duration of the call, located at the top left of the status bar. A design that has also appeared in the beta versions of the application since 2021.

Source: Screenshot 9to5Google

Appearing in version 98.x of Google Phone, these modifications seem for the moment reserved for Google Pixel users, without information on other Android smartphones.

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