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Augmented reality is taking time to materialize at Apple. The firm would have postponed the announcement of its project at WWDC in June.

Will it come out, won’t it come out? Apple Glass mixed reality headsets have been rumored for many years and the firm has yet to lift the lid on this huge project. We found the trail on Frandroid since 2016.

A true Arlesian from the technological world, Apple’s mixed reality glasses seem to have come a long way in their development since rumors coincided in a presentation starting in early 2023. Weeks go by and Apple still hasn’t announced any conference.

The journalist Mark Gurman believes that he already has the new calendar of the firm: the announcement would be made at WWDC in June.

A great revolution in the making?

Sure BloombergThus, we can read that Apple has postponed its event from April to June 2023, which corresponds to its WWDC opening conference, the event dedicated each year to developers. We expect the presentation of the next version of iOS or macOS at this conference, but it is the new realityOS that should be the main attraction.

This is a crucial moment in which Apple will have to convince the relevance of its ideas compared to the Meta Quest Pro or the Vive XR Elite to embark application developers on their adventure. The firm is expected in turn for its ability to break into product categories, as it was able to do with the smartphone (iPhone) or, more recently, with headphones (AirPods).

Apple headphones are rumored to be particularly expensive. There is talk of an estimated price tag of $3,000 for this headset, which would make it one of Apple’s most expensive products to date alongside its Mac Pro. We’re necessarily looking forward to seeing what the company will be able to integrate as a technology for that price.

Mark Gurman explains that if the presentation date can still be moved, Apple aims to unveil and commercialize its glasses before the end of 2023. The firm could also present its large MacBook Air at the same event.

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