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A pioneer in connected lighting, Philips has been able to develop various products that are reliable, durable and easy to install/control. That being said, the price is expensive. Fortunately, sometimes they benefit from promotions as is currently the case at Fnac. With the pack of a pair of Hue Play + 2 Hue White and Color at 169 euros, the Hue Bridge connection bridge is offered for a value of 59 euros.

With energy prices on the rise, it may be time to try or adopt connected lights and lighting. In addition to being economical, these solutions are multimedia. Philips is the benchmark in this field. From the brand we recommend today the pack that includes two Philips Hue Play light bars and two Philips Hue White & Color bulbs. Thus, it offers you the connection bridge (also called the Hue Bridge) for free, essential to remotely control the products of the Hue range.

What to expect from this Philips Hue pack?

  • Compatible Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa
  • 25,000 hours of useful life
  • 16 million colors and 50,000 shades

The Philips Hue pack (2 Hue Play bulbs + 2 Hue bulbs) is shown at 169 euros on the Fnac website. And, to make it a good deal, the merchant offers you the Hue Bridge worth 59 euros for free just by adding it to your basket.

Light bars for countless environments

The Hue Play Lightbar is multifaceted connected lighting. Above all, it allows for as many customizations as your imagination and creativity. For example, you can synchronize it according to specific times, depending on the games, music and movies/series that are broadcast within it. Of course, this projected light gives you the opportunity to create an atmosphere for every situation.

It is also possible to adjust the temperature of this LED bar. Speaking of which, you have a range between 2000 and 6500K. It has a luminous efficacy of around 1055 lumens. So you have the free time to opt for cool or rather warm colors. To make it operational, nothing could be simpler; connect it to the mains and connect it to the Hue Bridge that uses the ZigBee protocol.

Easy to use smart bulbs

The installation of Hue White and Color connected bulbs is within everyone’s reach. They work with E27 sockets that you can easily find in hardware stores and even supermarkets. Once installed, all that remains is to connect them to a hub, in this case the Hue Bridge. When you’re done, you can choose between voice commands via Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant, by remote control or a switch thanks to the Hue app.

With these LED bulbs, you can set the light based on the time of day, whether the room is occupied or not, or simply based on your mood during the day. It is the same to create the atmosphere, which allows to change the characteristic common white of the LEDs. He achieved an impressive palette of 16 million colors and 50,000 shades.

A bridge that harmonizes everything

Both Hue Play and Hue White and Color need a bridge to work. In addition to being able to support thousands of devices, other than Philips brand products, the Hue Bridge stands out above all for its ability to extend the range of the connection. This hub is just as easy to set up: plug it into the mains and connect it to the Hue app.

Discover the Philips Hue ecosystem

To find out which Philips Hue product suits your needs and your budget, we invite you now to consult our introductory guide to Philips Hue items on Frandroid.

Do you want to join a community of enthusiasts? Our Discord welcomes you, it is a place of mutual help and passion for technology.

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