The Galaxy Watch 6 could mitigate the main flaw of the Galaxy Watch 5

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Samsung batteries have passed certifications in South Korea and could be integrated into the future Galaxy Watch 6 series. Their capacities would be greater than those found in the Galaxy Watch 5, which could offer better autonomy. However, if Samsung adds new features, the stamina of these smartwatches would always lag behind.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro // Source: Chloé Pertuis for Frandroid

Last year, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro were launched. What we had criticized about the basic model is its low autonomy, due to the use of Wear OS 3 in particular. If this allows you to take advantage of third-party applications, Samsung connected watches cannot exceed three days of autonomy. Fortunately, a leak reveals the battery capacities of the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6s and they promise better capacities. Could this be a sign of greater autonomy? The mystery remains intact, but we can always continue to hope.

Bigger batteries for the Galaxy Watch 6

It’s the Dutch media. galactic club which reveals that two Samsung battery models have passed certification in South Korea. The identified model numbers are SM-R93x and SM-R94x. According to the outlet, the first accumulator would correspond to the one found in the 40mm model. It would have a typical capacity of 300mAh and a nominal capacity of 295mAh – that’s a bit more compared to the respective 284 and 276mAh capacities of the latest Galaxy Watch of the name.

Source: Frandroid – Chloé Pertuis

As for the second battery, it would be for the 44mm version of the Galaxy Watch 6 and has a typical capacity of 425mAh and a nominal capacity of 412mAh. For comparison, the Galaxy Watch in 44mm has capacities of 410 and 397 mAh respectively.

Autonomy not necessarily improved

If the capacities would certainly increase, it is convenient to put into perspective the concrete effects on autonomy. In fact, based on nominal capacities, the increase would be 6.9% on the 40mm model and 3.8% on the 44mm model.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro charger
The charger for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro // Source: Chloé Pertuis for Frandroid

Also, Samsung may improve the power of its connected watches at the same time or add features. Changes that could impact the autonomy of your products. Then it may not increase, or only slightly. As for the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro, which is expected to be better than its little brother as with previous versions, no leak has yet revealed the capacities of its batteries.

Regarding the Galaxy Watch 6, a leak revealed a few days ago that Samsung could opt for a screen with curved edges, like Google’s Pixel Watch.

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