The Galaxy S23 Ultra is far from the Top 5 in photos according to DXOMARK

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Samsung’s flagship only ranks tenth in the DXOMARK ranking. A surprise when you see the great critical reception it has had. Explanations.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has been hailed by all the tech press as an exceptional phone. At DXOMARK, a company specializing in phone lab tests, we decided to play mood breaker. The ultra top of the range from Samsung has just received its note for the photographic part. Surprise, he is only tenth in the standings.

Don’t panic, it’s far from dishonorable. The phone is even ahead of its biggest, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is ranked 17th. So you could say Samsung has moved up the DXOMARK ladder. But still, with 140 points, it is behind the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, a two-year-old phone, and the iPhone 13 Pro, which is a year old.

Why such a decline?

So what is fishing? The phone no longer scores top marks in any of the test subcategories (photo, bokeh, preview, zoom, and video).

In detail, DXO praises a very good overall level of detail, a wide dynamic range in all conditions, details preserved in zoom, very effective video stabilization, and good autofocus.


On the critical side, they lament “low contrast in backlit scenes”, “noise in low light and indoors”, “occasional local loss of detail in faces”, “flash of artifacts in all conditions”, “slight white balance effects and, finally, an “occasional underexposure of faces in low-light video.”

There are still some points where the S23 Ultra outperforms its competitors, particularly in zoom where it outperforms the iPhone 14 Pro (logical since the latter is based on an X3). On the other hand, the Honor Magic 4 Ultimate and the Huawei Mate 50 Pro retain the advantage.

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