The future redesigned Tesla Model Y would be more economical and efficient

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Tesla is currently working on redesigning its Model Y, which might cost less but would also increase performance. Elon Musk unfortunately did not take advantage of his Investor Day to give more information at the moment. We take stock of the rumors.

The Tesla Model Y has been known for a few years, since its name was registered in 2013 and it was officially presented in 2019. Production began a year later, within the Fremont Gigafactory, in California. To this day, the electric SUV version of the Tesla Model 3 is assembled in all the brand’s factories, including the one in Berlin. It has just broken a new record with 4,000 units manufactured in just one week.

a new release

Since its launch, the Model Y has been wildly successful, while last November it was the best-selling car in Europe, all engines combined. It was he who allowed the brand to break its sales record, with more than a million cars delivered in 2022 around the world. Yes but here it is, now is the time for the star of the brand to offer a small mid-race redesign.

At the moment, Tesla has not communicated any official information, while the Investor Day presented tonight by Elon Musk has been announced less rich in revelations than expected. If the leader has notably confirmed the arrival of the Cybertruck this year as well as the launch of two new vehiclesnot a word about the future Model 2 or about the restyled Model 3 (Highland).

Therefore, nothing has been said about the Model Y either, but it seems that the American agency Reuters he is equally well-informed, as he reveals some exclusive information to us. He cites three inside sources who wish to remain anonymous. The latter inform us that the restyling of the electric SUV is currently codenamed “Juniper Project”.

Scheduled for next year, it should obviously focus on both exterior design and interior presentation. If we don’t know what’s planned yet, we may have to wait for developments inspired by the Model S and Model X, with the arrival for example of a Yoke steering wheel, which we were able to test a few months before. Power could also be revised upwards, as well as overall performance.

Lower price and higher performance?

But where it gets really interesting is that this Model Y could be even cheaper, while its price was already reduced by $13,000 overnight in January. As ? Thanks to the advent of new, less expensive materials. Reuters claims that Tesla has asked its suppliers to work on new components.

Last night, Elon Musk’s team unveiled a new engine, much cheaper than it is now, costing $1,000 to produce. It will find its place in Tesla’s next generation of electric cars (the famous Model 2?) and perhaps, why not, in the redesigned Model 3 and Model Y, although it is highly unlikely.

The latter could be lighter or simply cheaper, which should be reflected in the prices. Unless the firm prefers to increase its benefits, like Ford, which nevertheless lowered the price of its Mustang Mach-E. It remains to be seen if the future redesigned Model Y will use the new Hardware 4, a new on-board computer unveiled in the Cybertruck and offering a more reliable and complete autonomous driving.

Overall, this new version of the electric SUV should follow the path of the redesigned Tesla Model 3, known as “Project Highland.” Already seen on the streets, still camouflaged and in test phase, it should also drastically reduce your production costs while offering a new look. For now, we still don’t know if it will adopt the new 4680 batteries, which already equip the Model Y produced at the Gigafactory in Austin, Texas.

these are also less expensive and offers better energy densitywhich again could help drive down the prices of the brand’s two best-selling products while offering greater autonomy. Regardless, they should keep their current platform, which is hailed by the competition, including Toyota, which recently called the Model Y a “work of art.” Undoubtedly, the launch of these two new products should help Tesla face the increasingly tough Chinese competition.

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