the firm would bet everything on an overpriced VR headset

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Bloomberg indicates that Apple would have indefinitely postponed its AR glasses to boost its projects in mixed reality, with a VR headset as soon as spring.

glass of apple
Apple Glass, the AR glasses of the apple // Source: Front Page Tech

Apple’s mixed reality headset is expected to be the company’s next big new product. According to various sources, this headset is due to be unveiled in the spring and at WWDC to convince developers to embrace Apple’s new platform.

This headset, however, was only going to be a first step in Apple’s big plans. After its mixed reality headsets in 2023, Apple was going to offer much more advanced augmented reality headsets starting in 2024.

Journalist Mark Gurman for Bloomberg indicates that these have been postponed indefinitely. Instead, Apple would rather evolve its headphones.

A more accessible VR headset

According to the journalist, indeed Apple would prepare new versions of its mixed reality headsets with lower manufacturing costs. A first new version could be ready from 2024 or early 2025.

Obviously, Apple realized that creating an augmented reality headset that was both lightweight and technologically advanced was not easy. Instead, the firm is now committed to a much better mastered technology, the one now offered by Meta, Pico or soon the PlayStation VR 2.

An expensive first helmet

Pending these new iterations, Apple’s planned spring 2023 headphones would indeed be too expensive. According to Bloomberg, the helmet could be marketed at 3,000 dollars, even more expensive than the Meta Quest Pro launched at 1,800 euros in France.

To justify this price, it would benefit from two ultra-high-definition screens, more than 10 cameras, and an Apple M2 chip capable of outperforming Qualcomm solutions.

Now it remains to wait for the first presentation of this great Apple project to better understand the firm’s strategy and what it can offer against Meta. We are especially looking forward to discovering the rxOS or RealityOS system.

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