the firm would be in the grip of an internal battle before launch

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Apple’s mixed reality headset wouldn’t be quite ready, but Tim Cook would still like to introduce and market it without delay.

Illustration of Tim Cook with the Apple Glass
Illustration of Tim Cook using Apple Glass // Source: Generated by AI with Stable Diffusion

Time has always been a key issue for Apple. The iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone on the market, AirPods weren’t the first wireless headphones, and the iPad wasn’t the first tablet. But, with a good read on the market and the patience to master its technologies, Apple has always been able to find the right moment to create success with its new product categories.

We know that the firm has been hard at work for several years on a new type of product: a mixed reality headset that should eventually lead us to augmented reality. With the supposed launch approaching, there is more and more talk about the headphones. Internally, it would generate a lot of debate.

Engineers feel unprepared

The Financial Times indicates, in fact, that the calendar is the subject of internal dissension. According to the media, COO Jeff Williams and his team would like to launch this first version of the mixed reality headset as soon as possible. The design team would disagree and would rather wait for augmented reality glasses. However, it would still take several years to become technologically viable.

It is Tim Cook, the big boss of Apple, who would have decided the debate in favor of Jeff Williams and an early departure. Also according to the media, Tim Cook and Jeff Williams would be aware of the risks of launching a product so soon that should be very expensive and for a limited audience. Remember that we are talking about an estimated price of $3,000 for the first generation.

So this first headset should still be bulky, but offer a first-rate immersive experience. We talk about being able to watch 3D videos, participate in a new version of FaceTime with Memoji and play sports (with Apple Fitness + without a doubt).

A significant shift in power

As 9to5Mac points out, the outcome of this debate is not trivial. Under Steve Jobs, Apple put more power in the hands of the design team, and it was the design team that often had the last word. With Tim Cook, things have changed and now it is the operations team that is gaining power.

Today the design team, formerly led by Jony Ive and Evans Hankey, reports to Jeff Williams.

Therefore, the issues related to the launch of this new category of products are very important to Apple. The pressure on the shoulders of the company to once again create an explosion in the technology market is maximum.

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