the famous and powerful HW4 reaches some cars, we take stock

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The new version of Tesla’s self-driving computer is starting to point the tip of its nose, where we might not necessarily expect it. In fact, the documents reveal that the Tesla Model S and Model X in Europe could be the first to benefit from it.

Who said that new products related to Tesla brand vehicles are always late in Europe? If this is sometimes the case, it would seem that for Elon Musk’s firm’s new self-driving computer, Europe may be served first.

Approval of the European authorities for the HW4

We’ve already talked about it several times, Hardware 4 (or HW4 for those used to Tesla jargon) is expected to be firm in 2023. This new iteration of Tesla’s self-driving computer should allow for drastically improved performance of FSD . (fully autonomous driving capability in France), which is still in beta in the United States.

The “world” seen by Tesla’s FSD. Credit: Romain Heuillard for Frandroid

If Elon Musk had recently indicated that the Cybertruck would arrive with this HW4, the recent approval by the Dutch authorities of the ” fourth generation vehicle control system (autopilot) and “a new computer” for the Model S and Model X shows that the electric pick-up could be equipped with it after the firm’s luxury cars.

long awaited details

AND the approval of new variants of Tesla Model S and Model X does indicate the imminent arrival of Hardware 4However, few details are known about the capabilities of this driving computer. According to recent leaks, it would be accompanied by new cameras and high-definition radar that would allow better autonomous driving capabilities.

Tesla Model 3 // Source: Frandroid / Midjourney

Level 4 and level 5 autonomy are still distant dreams for Tesla, which does not offer (or does not want, for regulatory reasons) level 3 autonomy with its current sensor suite and driving computer. Mercedes recently took the liberty of publishing the Texas firm, with approval for Tier 3 in the United States under certain circumstances.

There is no doubt that the Tesla conference scheduled for March 1, Investor Day, will reveal some details about this long-awaited hardware 4. If the Tesla Model S and Model X will be the first to benefit from it, the Model 3 and the Model Y are not forgotten. An updated Model 3 is also in the works, and there is no doubt about the presence of Hardware 4 in the latter.

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