The “Face ID” of the electric car: the false good idea?

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If the smartphone key is a reality for Tesla owners in particular, facial recognition could go a bit further. Continental is set to introduce a driver authentication system, built right into the dash display.

In recent years, the keyless start of a car is a reality. Whether using a smartphone as with some high-tech manufacturers, or an accessory to carry in your pocket, most new vehicles allow you to cut the road with ease. Tomorrow, this could all be history thanks to in-vehicle facial recognition.

Car Face ID is coming soon

During the Mobile World Congress 2023 that will take place from February 27 to March 2 in Barcelona, ​​Continental will present a revolutionary display in partnership with trinamiX. This screen simply incorporates a camera used to identify the driver, allowing him to start his vehicleas well as many other things.

This the camera is invisible to the driver assures Continental, which hopes that this technology will be appreciated by certain manufacturers. In addition to authenticating the driver to allow them to start the vehicle, the system also monitors the driver’s attention, which will be mandatory in Europe in the future according to the company.

Apple Pay // Source: CardMapr on Unsplash

Plus, just like Face ID with Apple Pay on iPhones, this Driver Identification Screen will allow pay parking, tolls or other applications available in the vehicle’s infotainment system, Continental says.

It is not indicated whether this technology can be integrated outside the vehicle or not, otherwise it will still be necessary to have a key or a smartphone to open the door of your car of the future. However, even if a thief steals your key, he will not be able to start it thanks to this system, which blocks the start of the car if the driver is not recognized.

Continental specifies that its technology is smart enough not to be fooled by a photo or mask of the person, which is quite reassuring.

Head-up display in augmented reality
The head-up display in augmented reality // Source: Audi

Finally, with driver profiles that can sometimes be saved in the cloud (this is the particular case with Tesla), we could imagine that seats, mirrors and all settings are linked to the authentication of the person behind the wheel. Open the door, sit down and everything adjusts to your liking, even in a vehicle that is not yours..

We will not fail to see if Continental’s demonstrations at the MWC in Barcelona will be conclusive or not in this regard. Driver Identification Screen In the next weeks.

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