The excellent Logitech G Pro wireless mouse is offered at a good discount for sales.

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Logitech’s G Pro is a tried and tested mouse suitable for demanding gamers. It currently benefits from a good discount on Cdiscount for sales, going from 109.99 euros to 79.99 euros.

For demanding gamers who want to go completely wireless, but who are looking for performance above all, there is no shortage of references. Fortunately, some brands stand out and this is particularly the case with Logitech, which is renowned for offering excellent, durable and quality peripherals. During the sales, one of its references, the Logitech G Pro, is around thirty euros less at Cdiscount compared to its usual price.

What to remember about the G Pro X Superlight

  • A lightweight wireless mouse that offers a good grip
  • powerful optical sensor
  • Non-scratch coating
  • Customizable experience through G software

Thanks to a discount of about 30 euros on its usual price, the Logitech G Pro mouse is now available for sale for 79.99 euros at Cdiscount.

A lighter mouse, but not without resistance.

Logitech’s G Pro Wireless is by far one of the brand’s most popular SKUs. It is based on the simplicity of the design with an oval shaped frame and a matt black plastic coating that is very soft to the touch. The curved effect of the shell makes the mouse comfortable in the hand and the four grips improve grip and overall comfort. It is above all the weight that makes the difference with only 80 grams on the scale, one of the lightest mice in its category. It is particularly agile and is quickly forgotten once in hand.

Even with a featherweight resistance side, the mouse isn’t left out. Logitech announces no less than 70 hours of use. Suffice it to say that its autonomy is more than enough and it will be enough to plug it in for a few tens of minutes to recover a little autonomy. We also regretted the absence of a USB Type-C charger that would have allowed it to be recharged more quickly. Note that there is a very discreet LED that lets you know the remaining battery level. It is also the only luminous element of this new model that therefore does not have RGB lighting.

The 360 ​​No Scope passes without worry

It doesn’t necessarily look like a gaming mouse, but the Logitech G Pro is designed for high-intensity gaming. The extremely low response time of only 1 millisecond. This is ideal for being at the right time, in games that require excellent reflexes. Once in the game, the Logitech mouse’s responsiveness is ensured by an optical sensor capable of reaching a sensitivity of up to 16,000 dpi, which is certainly too much even for professional gamers, but ensures precise tracking without anti-aliasing. , filtering or acceleration. until.

Finally, we find the brand’s G Hub software in which you can customize your buttons, even programming a second function to the buttons. You can also manage your mouse performance with different sensitivity levels. Therefore, the mouse settings will adapt to all situations, whether in games or creative applications, for example. Good point: 5 of these profiles can be saved to the mouse’s internal memory for use without the Logitech app. Finally, the G Hub home page also shows the battery level of the mouse and also sends a notification when it reaches a low level. Finally, Logitech’s software solution is still just as effective and allows you to manage the different aspects of the mouse without complications. Please note that the supplied USB cable is 1.8 meters long, so you should not feel restricted in your movements.

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