The excellent 2022 iPad Air with the M1 chip is at a better price today

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The iPad Air M1 was released last year. This tablet is very similar to what Apple’s Pro models offer, especially in terms of design and performance, but at a lower price. Especially since today, a promotion makes it go from 789 euros to 689 euros.

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With the new version of the iPad Air that integrates the famous M1 chip, Apple further closes the gap between the Air and Pro range. Indeed, this 2022 tablet looks almost like two drops of water from the iPad Pro and offers the same performance as its big sister, but for a much more attractive price. And even more so with a promotion, like today with this immediate discount of 100 euros.

Why choose the iPad Air M1?

  • For M1 chip power
  • For its 10.9-inch Liquid Retina screen
  • Due to its autonomy estimated at about 10 hours

Instead of the usual 789 euros, the 2022 iPad Air M1 (supports Wi-Fi only, with 64 GB of storage) is now available on sale at 689 euros on Amazon, a 13% discount. It is at the same price at Fnac, and members can even add the 60 euros offered to their account using the promotional code FNAC10.

If the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available later, check below to find other promotions for Apple iPad Air M1 (2022). The table is automatically updated.

Where to buy

Apple iPad Air M1 (2022) at the best price?

A mastered concept

Of course, Apple takes little risk for the design of its iPad Air M1 2022, since it is identical to the previous model. We found this same seamless borderless look, with rounded corners, flat edges and the same button layout, particularly the one for the Touch ID-equipped power supply, always well placed to sometimes use your right index finger when the tablet is on. in mode. portrait and sometimes the left thumb when the tablet is in landscape mode.

As expected, the Liquid Retina display is similar to the 2020 iPad Air with a 10.9-inch diagonal True Tone display and second-generation Apple Pencil support. What also does not change is the photographic section with the same 12-megapixel sensor and the centered camera function for video calls. The same goes for autonomy, which is surprising at this point since Apple’s internal chip had worked wonderfully in other products, but here a duration of up to 10 hours is still estimated, alternating Internet browsing and video viewing, streaming or not. 20W fast charging is still in the game, and the USB-C charger is included in the box.

The M1 chip makes the difference

The great novelty of this new iPad Air is mainly in terms of performance, thanks to the integration of the Apple M1 chip, based on ARM architecture and engraved in 5 mm. After the MacBook Air, the 13-inch MacBook Pro, the Mac mini, the iPad Pro and the 24-inch iMac, the time has come for this tablet to be equipped with the famous internal chip of the Cupertino company to reinforce its game. performance gain on the CPU and 100% on the GPU compared to the 2020 Apple Bionic chip. So now it’s just as powerful as Apple’s premium tablet, for less, but without the LiDAR sensor or Face ID and other features inherent to Pro models.

For even more information, read our full review of the Apple iPad Air M1 (2022).

9 /10

Apple iPad Air M1 (2022)

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