the end of sharing free accounts is already affecting Europe, the price of the extra cost is known

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Netflix has begun expanding its new account sharing policy to four new countries, including Portugal and Spain.

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2023 is the year of big changes for Netflix. Its account sharing policy is in the process of being reversed, after several months of testing in certain South American countries. As the brand has announced, this strategy will be intensified throughout the year in all the parts of the world where it operates.

Before going into details, it is necessary to differentiate between two different changes. First, Netflix wants an account to be for people who live together in the same household. Those who do not have day care under the same roof will need to have their own account.

Two affected subscriptions

The SVOD service recently detailed its future verification protocols that it will implement. Every 31 days, each device connected to the holder’s account must at least log in from the Wi-Fi network linked to the famous holder’s account. In case of not doing so, reserves the right to block access to the user.

Netflix has since backtracked on rolling out this solution… to better come back with a more relevant protocol. Even so, in parallel, an alternative will be enabled to share your Netflix account with a person who is not domiciled with you. This is the second big change to come.

Spatial audio comes to Netflix // Source: Sennheiser

This possibility is materialized in a paid formula, already tested in South America since 2022. On this occasion, it is the turn of the first European countries to have the right to it, as announced in a press release from the brand. In addition to Canada and New Zealand, it is also and above all Spain and Portugal that benefit from this new regime.

The Netflix announcement gives a lot of interesting details. For starters, only “Standard” and “Premium” subscriptions are eligible for paid account sharing. The first is limited to one action for a single user, against two actions for the second.

A first idea of ​​European prices

Each sub-account linked to the Regular Member will have its own profile, its own personalized recommendations, its own username and its own password. As you have understood, this “privilege” has a cost: 3.99 euros in Portugal, 5.99 euros in Spain, in addition to the price of your package.

This gives us a first idea of ​​the tariffs that could be applied in France, with an order of magnitude probably comparable to that of our Spanish neighbors. In France, this commotion should take place at the end of the first quarter, if we refer to the calendar previously announced by the brand.

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