the end of free account sharing won’t affect everyone thanks to Tesla

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As Netflix begins to roll out its new account-sharing pricing policy, Tesla drivers may feel comfortable. In fact, it will always be possible to watch your favorite series in your electric car, without having to pay extra for sharing the account.

Netflix on the Tesla Model S screen.

This is the news that has been running a lot of ink for a few weeks now. In fact, if it’s always been possible to share your Netflix account with friends or family, the streaming giant is in the process of changing its policy on this topic. Very bad news for users, who would be out there 100 million to use this service thanks to the password of a relative.

What about Tesla users?

This then represents a large deficit for the platform, which in the third quarter of 2022 had no less thane 223 million subscribers worldwide. A figure that had allowed it to move to Disney+, one of its main competitors with Amazon Prime Video. Yes, but here it is, Netflix wants to go above and beyond to maximize their profits.

After announcing the launch of the Essential offer with advertising for 5.99 euros per month, the platform decided to prohibit account sharing. A measure that quickly generated outrage among users, and which was finally canceled… it had to return a few days later.

Source: Thibault Penin via Unsplash

Today, four countries are concerned, namely Canada, New Zealand, Spain and Portugal. Thus, only people from the same household can share their account, except by adding between 3.99 and 5.99 euros per month. Each connected device must connect to Netflix at least once every 31 days, using the Wi-Fi network linked to the account holder. But what about Tesla owners who use the service in their car?

Not everyone can connect to their home Wi-Fi, especially those who live in apartments and have to park their cars on the street. If Netflix spokespersons explained so far that Tesla drivers would have to pay extrathings have changed slightly since then.

Good news

In fact, the site Drive Tesla Canada managed to obtain information from the streaming service, which has just partnered with General Motors to include more electric cars in its productions. While the details are not yet known, a spokesperson for the manufacturer explained that no account sharing policy would not apply to Teslas.

Specifically, therefore, it will not be necessary to connect once a month to the home Wi-Fi to be able to enjoy the service. Therefore, it will always be possible to watch your favorite series from your vehicle, no need to pay additional bill. Then it will be possible to use the account of a relative, sharing the password.

Steam over Tesla Model S

Very good news for drivers of cars of the American brand, who will also be able to play video games thanks to the long-awaited integration of the Steam catalog. An improvement promised by Elon Musk in July 2022 that allows the manufacturer to compete with BYD, Polestar or Hyundai. In fact, the latter will integrate the GeForce Now cloud gaming service provided by Nvida.

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