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On paper, you might think that the Samsung Galaxy A54 is similar to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy A53. Still, several small differences could lead you to prefer one over the other. Price will be a deciding factor, as always.

You need to switch smartphones, you want something solid and pretty long-term, but without breaking the bank to buy an ultra flagship. Surely your research leads you to Samsung’s Galaxy A range, champions of smartphones under 500 euros.

Except that here, the Korean brand has just renewed the champion of this range with a Galaxy A54. This replaces an excellent Galaxy A53. So which one should you choose? Follow the guide.

About design, two worlds

The first criterion that will interest us is that of size. If you are looking for the smallest possible smartphone at all costs, consider the Galaxy A54 as it has a diagonal of 6.4 inches, against 6.5 inches on the A53. Be careful though, this is a very small difference. The A54 is less extended in height by 1.4mm, but it is also wider and, above all, heavier. We went from 189g to 202g.

The fault of another novelty that makes them stand out: the arrival of the glass on the back of the phone. Material usually reserved for the high-end, it is found here in a phone at 499 euros.

Glass is going to take advantage of these drawbacks. Like we said, it makes the phone heavier, but also more slippery and ultimately more brittle. Because glass, unlike plastic, breaks easily if dropped. You have been warned.

We lose a sensor, we gain in quality

The other modification to take into account on the outside of the devices is in the photo sensors. The Galaxy A53 had four, the Galaxy A54 now only has three. Aesthetically, the integration is a bit more elegant in the A54 given that there is no longer a photo block on the back, but simply three stacked modules.

As far as photo settings go, the loss of a depth sensor on the A54 isn’t really much of a loss. It also swaps out the A53’s 64-megapixel main sensor for a 50-megapixel sensor, which is supposed to be more comfortable at night. The other two devices are strictly the same: a 12-megapixel ultra-wide angle (123°, f/2.2, 1.12μm) and a 5-megapixel macro (f/2.4).

One more year can make a difference in performance

The other big difference is in performance. The Galaxy A54 starts with 8 GB of RAM where the Galaxy A53 offered a configuration of 6 GB and another of 8 GB.

The chip has also been upgraded, going from an Exynos 1280 to an Exynos 1380. Samsung doesn’t make any particular promises in regards to improved performance, just saying that it’s moving from a high-performance 2-core configuration. -4 core performance. Therefore, we can expect the best for somewhat intense uses.

Let’s add that the Galaxy A54 coming out a year later logically promises a year-long extended software follow-up on its predecessor. If you have the idea of ​​buying a smartphone for the long term and you have the budget, the A54 has the advantage of being able to last longer on paper.

The new model also defends itself in connectivity since it adds eSIM, something extremely rare for a mid-range phone. What you also have to see coming, because it is a technology brought to develop in the coming years.

The prize gives a big winner.

Upon arrival, the news that the latest Galaxy A54 brings still seems very scarce to justify its purchase as soon as it hits the market than its predecessor. The latter is also usually the subject of promotions that place it around 370 euros, a much more attractive price than the 500 euros to pay for the A54.

That being said, the Galaxy A54 should last longer thanks to a more powerful chip and a newer version. This as long as you don’t drop it, since glass is much more fragile than plastic.

Therefore, the Galaxy A53 seems to be a better option in March 2023, when the A54 was just launched. But if you really want to buy the new model for its few superior qualities, we advise you to wait a few months to see how the price drops.

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