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Meta introduced a new virtual reality headset: the Meta Quest Pro. The latter is the brand’s most advanced to date and gives access to augmented reality. Today, it becomes more accessible by going from 1,799 euros to 1,199 euros.

By designing Meta Quest Pro, Mark Zuckerberg’s firm wants to offer the best virtual reality (VR) experience. It succeeds Meta Quest 2, and comes to refine the latter’s formula by improving both the visual experience and the processor. To take advantage of it you have to pay the full price: 1,799 euros. A price that fortunately comes to soften thanks to this reduction of more than 30%.

What is the Oculus Meta Quest Pro?

  • A good VR headset with good eye tracking
  • New lenses for better visual comfort
  • A 50% more efficient SoC

Initially at 1,799 euros, the Meta Quest Pro is currently discounted to 1,199 euros on the Amazon site, but also on the Fnac site.

If the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available, check below to find other promotions for the Oculus Meta Quest Pro. The table is updated automatically.

where to buy the

Oculus Meta Quest Pro at the best price?

an improved helmet

With the Pro designation, this new VR headset is at the top of the basket. Meta first improves the visual experience by adding new lenses, to easily read the displayed texts. Meta has also extensively reworked its helmet design for greater comfort. There are magnetic covers on both sides of the face to block out surrounding light.

Compared to Meta Quest 2, the Pro version can feature two 1800 by 1920 pixel IPS LCD screens. One could criticize Meta’s choice to use an LCD screen instead of OLED, which tires the eyes faster. However, the quality is good on a daily basis and VR nausea is rare. In the absence of 120 Hz, the refresh rate rises to 90 Hz to offer a fluid, clear and precise image. When it comes to power, Meta Quest Pro incorporates the Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 1. Designed specifically for VR, this SoC promises 50% increased performance while improving the quality of heat dissipation.

Mixed reality for better interaction

Although it can be used for gaming, that is not its only purpose. It is designed above all as a work or creative tool to be used on a day-to-day basis. To do this, the helmet has five sensors inside and another five outside, as well as cameras placed on the controls to follow each of your gestures or movements.

Our colleagues from Numerema were also able to test the helmet for a month and were impressed by the precise eye tracking and also the expressions. In the metaverse, the helmet transcribes perfectly on the avatar when you smile, yawn, or blink, for example. And with mixed reality, you can enrich your work environment with a virtual desktop that overlays your existing setup. Meta has also forged numerous partnerships with companies like Microsoft to create enhanced applications for Meta Quest Pro.

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