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The Philips OLED937 TV recently tested by Frandroid is a device that we recommend for its rare qualities. Above all, with this model you will not need to invest in additional equipment…

9 /10

Philips 65OLED937

  • Impeccable image quality
  • Ambilight function on all 4 sides
  • An efficient integrated soundbar

Available in €3,499 at Fnac

Throughout the year, the writing of frandroid test, in addition to smartphones, computers, headphones and others, various models of televisions. Recommending a model can be complicated. smart tv precise as it requires a substantial investment. However, in light of our test of the Philips OLED937, we are going to mark an exception… and we highly recommend this model.

In fact, the Philips OLED937 is a bit different, and received a score of 9/10, the buying guide team placed it in several picks:

Why buy the Philips OLED937 TV?

If we recommend the Philips OLED937, it is mainly because of the variety of services it offers. First, by using Oled technology, giving you very wide viewing angles and splendid contrasts. The sharpness, and more generally the quality of the image, is quite impeccable, whatever the type of video content. The gaming part is certainly not the best on the market, but it offers enough satisfaction for the next generation consoles.

Above all, our recommendation of this Philips TV is based on the versatility of the device. A sound bar designed by the specialized brand is integrated into the construction Bowers and Wilkins, placed at the height of the foot. You know that the audio systems installed in most televisions are just mediocre. So it’s a real value-add – there’s no need to buy an extra soundbar here. Similarly, the Ambilight system (on all four sides) is very popular for the immersion it provides on all types of content.

Finally, the software integrated into the television is Android TV in its version 11. This offers all possible SVOD applications, but also a Chromecast function to broadcast content from your smartphone or tablet. Thus, it is also possible to do without a TV box for this device. In its 65-inch version, the Philips OLED937 is sold at 3,499 euros. The price to pay for having a top-of-the-range device with all the features, all without taking the lead.

Buy a Philips OLED937 if:

  • You are looking for a large format television
  • Are you looking for an all-in-one product?
  • you want Oled
  • you have the budget

Do not buy a Philips OLED937 if:

  • You want to build your own multimedia offer
  • Do you want a home theater system?
  • Looking for an affordable product

where to buy the

Philips 65OLED937 at the best price?

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