the circumstances of the tragedy finally revealed in a confidential report

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Four months after a tragic accident that has been widely shared and discussed, a confidential report details the reasons for the accident.

In November 2022, the case caused a stir: a major traffic accident killed two people in China. It involved a 55-year-old driver and his Tesla Model Y, the driver questioned the car’s brakes. The shocking and violent images had been widely shared on social networks, which had revived the debate about the dangerousness of the autopilot Tesla.

Four months after the fatal accident involving a Tesla Model Y SUV in China, the US automaker has conducted a recently disclosed investigation. According to the data collected, which should not have been published, it appears that the driver never braked, but only accelerated before the accident.

The driver never braked and instead held down the accelerator pedal.

This report was published in Seibo by Xiao Te (and at first glance it would never officially go online according to Chinese media red star news), the founder of the largest unofficial Chinese Tesla community. Please note that the investigation is still ongoing, so the official conclusions have not been released. Tesla’s report is full of details, it is known that it is a Model Y with 20,000 km and that the driver was wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident.

One of the pages of Tesla’s report.

The most sensitive aspect of this accident is the behavior of the driver, that he never braked and instead kept his foot on the accelerator pedal, causing the car to reach a speed of 164 km/h. The data clearly shows that the driver pressed the accelerator pedal all the way. In short, the accident was caused by a probable error of the driver who confused the pedals.

The driver certainly tried to brake, but his foot slipped and he pressed on the accelerator, causing the vehicle to accelerate suddenly. This type of error is very common, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that approximately 16,000 accidents in the United States each year are related to pedal confusion.

Remember that Tesla has never been held responsible for these types of accusations and generally blames the driver and human error.

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