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Secretly, Apple would be tackling a much-anticipated and big-time technology for the Apple Watch: sting-free blood sugar measurement. The firm even hid its discoveries behind a fake startup.

Apple Watch Series 8 screen
The screen of the Apple Watch Series 8 // Source: Chloé Pertuis for Frandroid

Throughout its evolution, the Apple Watch has found a really useful meaning, far from being a simple connected watch. Today, it is a very effective sports and health tracker assistant, which should never replace a doctor, but can provide a large amount of tracking data.

For several years, we have believed that Apple would work on a great evolution of its watch. A particularly difficult technical challenge to overcome: blood glucose measurement. According Bloombergthe company would get closer to the goal.

Why is blood glucose testing so important?

It is estimated that 537 million people worldwide are affected by diabetes. If a watch could offer reliable glucose monitoring without the need for an injection or subcutaneous device, it would be both a liberation for those concerned and, obviously, a financial boon for the Cupertino company.

It is this juicy market that has made Apple dream for several years.

Apple’s big secret

Therefore, the Bloomberg medium reveals how it qualifies this project as a ” shot to the moon “, a particularly difficult project akin to sending the first rocket to the moon, and codenamed ” E5 “has progressed.

All this project would be carried out with the greatest secrecy at Apple within a division called exploratory design group who would be responsible for the company’s very long-term projects.

Before joining this division, and developing at the brand’s headquarters, this project was carried out even more secretly: through a fake startup created by Apple. Called Avolonte Health LLC and located a few kilometers from Apple headquarters, this company led the project without connection from the outside with the firm, in order to generate as few leaks as possible. This is what allowed Apple to conduct the necessary clinical trials as part of scientific research, without alerting the press or its competitors.

apple idea

Apple envisions an optical absorption spectroscopy system in which the watch could send light of particular wavelengths into the interstitial fluid (between our cells). This fluid is created from the blood vessels and can therefore indicate our glucose level. The projected light would then be reflected towards the watch’s sensor to allow measurement.

Despite the advances made by Apple, which has already tested the device on hundreds of people, commercialization would still be years away. The Bloomberg reporter describes Apple’s scenario as a simple “proof of concept.” The device would now be the size of an iPhone to strap on your arm, which is much better than previous prototypes described as taking up a tabletop device. Apple would like to miniaturize the idea further, we imagine it to be the size of an Apple Watch.

Apple has long been known for the clever reuse of technology already proven by competitors: high-definition photosensor, display or Oled screen. always active. It’s interesting to see the firm tackle fundamental research that will truly change the technology for a large number of users, even if it means having to wait many years before the project comes to fruition.

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