The best wireless headphones on Android are now even better

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Bose has announced an update for its QC Earbuds II that allows the earbuds to become truly independent of each other by allowing both earbuds to connect directly to your smartphone.

Les Bose QC II Headphones
The Bose QC Earbuds II // Source: Chloé Pertuis for Frandroid

Bose is used to updates to its products several months after its release. The latest wireless headphones from the American brand, the QuietComfort Earbuds II, are no exception.

In a press release shared on February 17, Bose explains that it released a new update for its wireless headphones, allowing you to use only one earphone at a time, regardless of whether it’s the left or right. “Independent use of the headset allows users to seamlessly switch between headsets. If one headset runs out of battery or is disconnected from Bluetooth, it is now possible to use the second without interruption“, specifies the manufacturer.

Specifically, this update corrects one of the problems that we had detected during our test of the Bose QC Earbuds II. In fact, the headphones have so far used a connection system with a main earphone, the first to be extracted from the case, and a secondary earphone. In fact, the secondary earphone received the sound from the main earphone and did not connect directly via Bluetooth to the smartphone. Therefore, if the user stored the primary earbud in the case, the sound ended up cutting out. The same would happen if the main earpiece ran out of battery.

More updates planned for the Bose QC Earbuds II

With this update, the Bose QC Earbuds II can benefit from a more modern connection. For a few years now, most wireless headsets have benefited from a separate connection to the smartphone, with each headset connecting directly via Bluetooth to the phone.

Bose doesn’t intend to stop there with its QC Earbuds II. Offering the best noise reduction on the market, these headphones will also get better with other updates planned in the coming months. This is particularly the case with the arrival of new Bluetooth audio codecs, in partnership with Qualcomm. They will thus benefit from the Bluetooth aptX Adaptive audio codec and the certification with the Snapdragon Sound label. Enough to allow them to take advantage of greatly reduced latency and the aptX Lossless codec, for CD-quality streaming. However, this update will roll out next spring.

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