The best Realme smartphones in 2023: our selection

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Relatively young, the Realme brand is very successful with its affordable smartphones. We explain the range and we recommend the best Realme smartphones of the moment.

Top 3 Realme Smartphones

The best to play

8 /10

Realme GT Neo 3

  • A very powerful processor
  • Impressive fast charging
  • A big screen at 120 Hz
  • No protection certification

Xiaomi has long been the go-to brand when it comes to cheap phones. But that was before. Because now, you also have to trust Realme.

Established in France since 2019, Oppo’s Chinese firm quickly made a name for itself in France. It offers credible alternatives to the products of its great rival, not only at the entry level, but also in the mid-range. And unlike Xiaomi, Realme offers a relatively legible range, unreleased fifteen new variants a month…

The Chinese brand has also taken the time to branch out into other products. This is how it is possible to get hold of the excellent Realme Buds Air 3, perfect if you want cheap wireless headphones. Among the other objects developed, the firm now deals with tablets and connected watches. You will have taken advantage of it, it is possible to completely redo your team by trusting Realme.

Here you will make a small review of the best smartphones of the brand. For an overview of the market, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our guide to the best smartphones in 2023. If you’re only interested in entry-level phones, take a look at our selection of smartphones under $300 as well. as those of less than 200 euros.

8 /10

Realme GT Neo 3

  • A very powerful processor
  • Impressive fast charging
  • A big screen at 120 Hz
  • No protection certification

Available in €529 on Amazon

With its GT range, the Chinese manufacturer Realme offers the best performance available. The GT Neo 3, which follows on from the excellent GT Neo 2, offers services close to the top of the range, but not quite there. This new model adopts a “racing” environment design that its predecessor, however, had abandoned.

Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

The common denominator of all this range is the integration of high current operating powers. The Dimensity 8100 chip is extremely efficient and benefits from exemplary heat dissipation, making the smartphone an ideal gaming device. Along with its remarkable performance in this price range, this model has another great advantage: its (very) fast charging at 150W, which allows it to recover 45% of the battery in 5 minutes. Not to mention that the autonomy itself is very correct.

On the display side, Realme offers a large 6.7-inch FHD+ panel, with a 120Hz refresh rate, perfect for gaming. However, it may lack brightness a bit, without this being really bothersome. In the photo, the main sensor works quite well and will suffice for most uses.

So it’s a successful smartphone, but it’s not without its flaws. The GT Neo 3’s two biggest black spots are undoubtedly the lack of IP certification, as well as a display that benefits only from Gorilla Glass 5.

To find out more, discover our full review of the Realme GT Neo 3.

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Realme GT Neo 3 at the best price?

7 /10

realme gt 2 pro

  • dominated
  • super fast charging
  • A very good screen
  • average photo quality

Available in €578 in Cdiscount

Slowly but surely, Realme continues to advance in the market and presents with this GT 2 Pro its most ambitious smartphone to date. First observation: the design is much more sober than last year. Forget the inspiration “Fury of the Dragon” and the strange slogans inscribed in large on the back, we are facing a much more elegant phone, which is inspired by industrial design. The result is interesting, especially the textured back.

The back of the Realme GT 2 Pro
The rear of the Realme GT 2 Pro // Source: Frandroid

The chosen 6.7-inch panel ticks all the boxes for a modern high-end smartphone: OLED, 120 Hz and high brightness are there. Only one slight drawback: a colorimetry that could have been a little more careful. Great ambitions also on the processor side, since it is a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 that is in command, accompanied by 12 GB of RAM. The result is one of the most powerful smartphones out there.

The 5,000 mAh battery offers a fairly average autonomy, but in practice we lasted a day and a half without too many problems. If fast charging is extremely fast, refueling in 33 minutes, however, we must ignore wireless charging.

The question of the photo remains: unfortunately, the GT 2 Pro does not live up to its ambitions. The main sensor is correct, nothing more, but the secondary sensors are anecdotal and the lack of optical zoom is regrettable.

Despite many qualities, the Realme GT 2 Pro fails to live up to its “flagship killer” contract, especially in the photo where its direct competitors do better for the same price. If the photo doesn’t really interest you, however, it can be interesting if you find it on sale. Read our Realme smartphone review to find out more.

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Realme GT 2 Pro at the best price?

8 /10

Realme 9 Pro Plus

  • efficient fast charging
  • Very good Realme UI
  • A convincing main photosensor

Available in €349 on Amazon

To start 2022 off right, Realme has delivered a clean copy with its 9 Pro Plus. This one comes to attack the mid-range with great ambitions, starting with a superb screen, an efficient photosensor and power to spare.

Realme 9 Pro Plus // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

Despite a relatively classic design, the 9 Pro Plus has a glass back, with a blue color, a “photochromic design”, according to Realme. Translation: blue turns red when the phone is exposed to sunlight. A welcome touch of originality.

The device is strong from the first moment, thanks to its very successful screen, a 6.4-inch AMOLED in Full HD +, which benefits from a very appreciable 90 Hz refresh rate on a day-to-day basis. If the contrasts are pretty, we can regret the lack of brightness. The Dimensity 920 chip is more than enough to run most games. The camera is also a great success for this price segment (less than 400 euros): Realme has three integrated sensors, including a 50 MP (f/1.8) main one, and a quite successful night mode. An 8 MP ultra-wide angle lens and a 2-megapixel macro lens sensor are also included.

Good news: 5G, a connector and 60W fast charging are there. Finally, not to spoil anything, the Realme UI 3.0 interface, based on Android 12, is very successful, both sober and efficient.

To know more, you can check our detailed test of the Realme 9 Pro Plus.

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Realme 9 Pro Plus at the best price?

7 /10

Realm GT 2

  • Snapdragon 888 Power
  • Its beautiful 120 Hz AMOLED screen
  • 67W fast charge
  • No storage expansion

Available in €369 at Rakuten Marketplace

Avec ce modèle Realme étoffe sa gamme des GT 2. The modèle s’appuie sur un design similaire à la déclinaison Pro et surtout arbore une fiche technique qui aurait pu le faire passer pour un smartphone haut de gamme s’il était sorti un an plus early. The result is a fairly consistent product marketed for less than 600 euros, but does not suffer from competition.

The screen of the Realme GT 2
The screen of the Realme GT 2 // Source: Frandroid

In general, the design of the Realme GT 2 is nice with a good grip. The construction allows above all to highlight a 6.62-inch AMOLED screen and a definition in Full HD +. This one offers a good 120Hz refresh for mobile gaming. However, the white balance is not controlled with a tone that turns blue too often.

The true strength of the phone lies in its performance. As previously suggested, the Realme GT 2 is equipped with a Snapdragon 888 processor, one of the most powerful out there today. The implemented configuration comes with 8 GB of RAM capable of competing with some of the best gaming smartphones. You can also rely on the high-performance internal software for everyday use.

The average autonomy is very correct, offering you a day of use with a particularly fast charge of 65 W with formidable efficiency. On the other hand, do not count on a good camera since the features of the Realme GT 2 are just right.

Our full Realme GT 2 review is here for you.

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Realme GT 2 at the best price?

7 /10

Realme 9 4G

  • Its appearance and its yellow color.
  • The colossal autonomy
  • A good touch screen

Available in €199 on Amazon

In the Realme smartphone catalog, it is possible to get affordable devices on the condition of making concessions on the latest technologies. This is how the Realme 9 4G was designed. The goal is to give you a coherent smartphone for less than 300 euros… but without 5G.

The Realme 9 4G back // Source: Chloé Pertuis

The great strength of the manufacturer is to offer more and more original colors, including a striking “Golden Yellow”. In addition to its pretty color, the shape of the smartphone is still more classic. The edges are a bit marked, the grip is easy and nothing stands out.

In this Realme 9 4G you are entitled to a good 5,000 mAh battery and 33 W Dart fast charge. Above all, it is capable of gaining 50% autonomy in 30 minutes of charging. In terms of endurance, the phone promises you two full days of use if you get the most out of it throughout the day.

These great performances must be put into perspective with the established technical sheet. The Snapdragon 680 processor with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage allows for moderate use. This also translates to slightly weaker than average photo software processing.

In short, it is a good smartphone for less than 300 euros, but with too many technological limitations compared to the market.

It is highly recommended to read our Realme 9 4G review for more information.

where to buy the

Realme 9 4G at the best price?

Understand everything about Realme smartphones

Who is Realm?

Realme is a Chinese brand that was launched in 2018. It is actually a cousin brand of OnePlus and Oppo. However, although they share their research and development department and their production lines, these entities insist that their strategic decisions remain relatively independent.

What characterizes Realme smartphones?

Like many Chinese brands that are just starting out, as we have seen with Huawei (RIP), OnePlus or even Xiaomi, Realme stands out for smartphones with an excellent quality/performance/price ratio. A strategy that has paid off as it now eclipses Xiaomi in this segment that was previously its private preserve.

In addition, in its smartphones, the brand stands out especially for fast charging, which is undoubtedly one of the best on the market.

Finally, Realme smartphones run on a homebrew version of Android, soberly titled Realme UI. The mark is on Realme UI 3.0, based on Android 12.

I doubt between Realme and Xiaomi, which one to choose?

As we have seen in this article, Realme and Xiaomi have quite similar proposals and the ranking of the best models evolves periodically according to current releases. If you doubt between the two, we can also advise you to take a look at our selection of the best Xiaomi smartphones.

To follow us, we invite you to download our application for Android and iOS. You can read our articles, archives and watch our latest YouTube videos.

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