The best GPS locators for scooters and motorcycles in 2023

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To protect your vehicle, there are now essential accessories, especially in big cities. Discover our complete selection of GPS motorcycle trackers, a useful investment for day to day.

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GPS trackers are becoming more common to equip our various equipment. Some come, for example, to dress the key chains to avoid losing our keys. For scooters, motorcycles and cars, there are also locators to place to label your vehicle at any time of the day.

Within this selection, the featured products will allow you to follow the position of your motorcycle or scooter from your smartphone. The GPS tracker can detect if a suspicious movement is ever registered. If your vehicle is unfortunately stolen, the tracker will allow you to locate its location in real time. Discover here the best products of its kind. If you want to protect your bike, we also have a selection of the best dedicated GPS trackers.

To make the most of it, we direct you to our selections of electric vehicles:

The MoniMoto 7: the best GPS tracker for motorcycles

MoniMoto 7 motorcycle and GPS tracker

The MoniMoto brand offers its version of GPS tracker for vehicles. The MoniMoto 7 stands out from the competition for its ease of use. First, the GPS tracker must be installed. With its compact size, it is easy to fit on a motorcycle or scooter. It is necessary to secure the clamps and install the mobile application of the same name, available in the Play Store and App Store.

Within its construction, the product has two 1.5 V Lithium batteries which can also be replaced. The autonomy announced by the brand is 12 months or more. An eSIM is integrated. This will allow you to be called in less than a minute through the app, if the tracker detects unusual activity or missing keys when starting your vehicle. The badge delivered with allows you to “disarm” the anti-theft feature of the tracker.

Two months of subscriptions are offered when you buy this motorcycle GPS tracker, then count two euros of monthly SIM card subscription.

The strengths of the MoniMoto

  • easy to install
  • One year battery life
  • the reactivity

GeoRide: the safety of your motorcycle in your pocket

With its third generation of GPS plotters, the French brand GeoRide offers a small quality object capable of managing much more than security. In this case, the French start-up claims leadership in GPS motorcycle trackers in France. This third version of the GeoRide is also a connected alarm, a fall or accident detector and an anti-theft device. Of course, everything works with a dedicated mobile app.

Two operations are provided. The first is to connect the GeoRide to your motorcycle. It is necessary to know a minimum of the skeleton of your vehicle to install it. Inside there is a SIM card to send all the necessary data for its correct use and security. Therefore, it is possible to follow the position of the beacon in real time.

The set continues to be marketed at 329 euros, to which must be added the 5 euros of subscription. A substantial budget to consider.

Highlights of the third generation GeoRide

  • Easy to use
  • The versatility of functions
  • real time position

Stick: the GPS tracker for motorcycles without a subscription

Pegasus GPS locator

Once again, this is a French brand that is doing it right. Like the two models mentioned above, the goal of the product is not to prevent theft, but to offer additional security and daily monitoring of your vehicle. The Pégase motorcycle GPS tracker has a real advantage over the competition: its lack of a subscription despite the integrated SIM chip.

Installation is quite simple. Simply connect your Pegasus to the motorcycle at battery level, then place it in a safe place, logo side up. Once everything is in place, all that remains is to link the product to the Pégase Moto mobile application. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Once you have made your first trip, you will have accurate and detailed tracking on your smartphone.

The set is sold from 299 euros.

The strengths of the Pegasus

  • No subscription to pay
  • easy to install
  • He also works abroad

Invoxia: the affordable and discreet GPS tracker for scooters

Invoxia Tracker

In this sector of the market, all products are quite expensive. Therefore, the investment in the budget of a motorcycle is quite important. With the Invoxia product, you are guaranteed to pay less than 100 euros. In addition, the purchase of the pack also includes a 3-year subscription. Then count 10 euros per year to benefit from tracking. The advantage of the product is also its versatility, since you can put this motorcycle tracker in a car.

Like all the products that make up this selection, the Invoxia GPS tracker also works with a dedicated mobile application. The namesake software is available on the Play Store and App Store. The object does not include a SIM card, but works with a low consumption “LoRa” network. You will have a GPS update every 3 minutes. The application also allows you to define zones to notify you when the beacon is gone.

As for autonomy, the Invoxia lasts for 6 months and you can recharge it through a USB cable.

Invoxia’s strengths

  • An affordable GPS tracker
  • The versatility of the product.
  • A rechargeable battery

TRAKMy: track the position of any vehicle

We think long and hard before offering you this product. In fact, the result does not seem to have a consensus among buyers. However, TRAKMy takes into account the opinion of its dissatisfied customers, regardless of the vehicle in question. Because the strong point of the GPS locator is its versatility. It is capable of equipping cars, motorcycles, scooters and even boats.

The offer also stands out for its ease of installation. The construction of the motorcycle GPS tracker allows for multiple accessories. Either through screws using the holes provided for it, or through a 3M-type sticker that must be purchased additionally. The Android and iOS compatible app allows you to mark alert zones, but also offers a complete track history. The software is totally free.

The set costs 119 euros, with the first year of subscription offered. So, they are 3.90 euros in monthly installments that they impose on you.

TRAKMy strengths

  • Useful on scooter, motorcycle or car
  • alert zone labels
  • 5 years autonomy

Coyote Secure Rider: trust the professionals

For asphalt regulars, the Coyote company is a household name. The company operates through a community system, but also services. With the Coyote Secure Rider solution, you are entitled to a GPS tracker placed by a professional. Know in the preamble that this installation will cost you 199 euros. It can be done either at home or at a Carglass dealer.

The GPS tracker is compatible with cars, scooters and motorcycles. Regarding the price, in addition to the installation, the offer imposes a subscription billed at 14.99 euros per month. You also commit to two full years. The plotter would be autonomous for three years.

When you notice your vehicle missing, you will need to contact Coyote Services to start the search. A somewhat tedious process that can waste your time.

The strengths of Coyote Secure

  • 3 year battery life
  • undetectable
  • A service available 24/24h

Apple AirTag: the ideal companion for the GPS tracker

Apple Air Tag
Apple’s new AirTag Bluetooth beacon to find your objects // Source: Apple

Originally intended to be attached to your keychain, Apple’s AirTag can also make a great tracking tag. Using Bluetooth, it only has a range of one hundred meters. It may seem limited, but add to that the fact that any nearby iPhone can detect them, and you end up with almost 800 million users for the FindMy network.

In practice, this network allows near real-time monitoring in urban areas. His servant uses it daily on her bicycle and attests to the formidable precision of the machine. One of the main advantages of AirTag is that it does not require a subscription and it has a battery life of one year (with a replaceable coin cell).

However, not everything is perfect, it is impossible to have an alert if your vehicle moves, for example. And if there is no iPhone nearby, logically it will be impossible to locate it. Final weakness: the AirTag requires an Apple product to be paired. Therefore, it is impossible to use it if you are an Android fanatic.

If we don’t recommend it as a primary GPS tracker, the AirTag will make a good backup anti-theft system thanks to its affordability and discretion. The module itself costs 35 euros to which a support will have to be added. There are many, but we especially appreciate the Ninja Mount one. It installs easily and discreetly and doesn’t cost much. We talk about it in more detail in our Apple AirTag test.

Apple AirTag Highlights

  • a very small price
  • Very fast and accurate detection in urban areas
  • One-year battery life and replaceable battery
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How to choose your GPS tracker for motorcycle or scooter?

Where to put your GPS tracker on your motorcycle?

As you will have seen in our selection, all manufacturers offer different connectors for their products. Some plug directly into your vehicle’s wiring harness, while others fit directly into the compartment of your choice. If all manufacturers communicate about the ease of installation, you choose according to your level of knowledge of the vehicle.

Why use a scooter GPS tracker?

Do not get the wrong idea, placing an object of this type on your motorcycle or scooter will not prevent its possible theft. It is simply security for you and an easier way to help the police locate this one in case of a disappearance. Therefore, the investment in such an object is lower compared to the price of a motorcycle today. Furthermore, some devices also manage to be versatile enough to also work with a car or even a boat.

How does a GPS locator for motorcycles and scooters work?

There are several technologies to operate a GPS tracker. Most of the models in our selection contain within them a SIM card through the GSM network. Through a monthly subscription, the product detects unusual movements of your vehicle and contacts you directly. Either by call, text or email. Some devices allow you to define alert zones that immediately signal suspicious movement of your motorcycle. Others use the radio network to avoid a SIM card subscription.

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