The best accessories for the Nintendo Switch Lite

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Did you buy a Nintendo Switch Lite? To enrich your experience and protect your new portable console, we recommend that you consider some essential accessories.

The Nintendo Switch Lite // Source: FRANDROID

A miniature version of the Nintendo Switch, the Switch Lite is a portable console. Like its big sister, it allows you to take advantage of the entire catalog of Nintendo games and you can easily take it with you wherever you go. To get the most out of your small console, it is best to offer it some accessories, which will make your life easier and protect it as well as possible.

If you’re still not sure which Switch to go for, take a look at our dedicated comparison on the question. Whether you prefer the classic Switch or the OLED Switch, they also benefit from a bunch of very useful accessories. To play in good conditions, don’t forget to invest in good headphones.

The Carrying Case: Orzly for Switch Lite

A portable console is meant to be… carried around. As with the first Switch of the name, there are many cases to transport your console safely. However, we have a weakness for this very complete Orzly case. Made of lightweight, impact-resistant ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) material, it’s strong enough to protect your Switch Lite in the event of a drop. It has 8 slots to store your games in a flap that falls on the screen. The surface in contact with the latter is all spongy to avoid scratches.

The other advantage of this carrying case is that it integrates a second pocket roomy enough to accommodate a USB cable, slim power bank or cables. Please note that the original charger will not fit. It also has the merit of costing less than 15 euros, which is less than the official Nintendo cover. Unlike the latter, however, it doesn’t come with a screen protector – it will have to be purchased separately. It is available in several colors to match your console if you wish.

Screen protection: protective glass

If you’ve ever owned a Switch, you know that the screen can be easily scratched. Therefore, we recommend that you add a screen saver. They are all pretty much the same and resist the most common attacks from things that might be in a backpack or purse, like keys or coins. But they will scratch at some point. The advantage is above all to be able to easily replace it when there are too many imperfections, so buying a film pack is still the best.

We find the Orzly brand with a set of 4 tempered glass protections, only 0.24 mm thick. Everything is designed to be easily applied without making bubbles. For less than 10 euros, you will be calm for a long time.

An SD card: Sandisk Extreme 128 GB – Expands storage capacity

Boxed games are great if you’re a collector, but downloading them is sometimes more convenient. Nintendo eShop is full of little news and video game promotions. Therefore, we can quickly fill the 32 GB of storage available by default. Fortunately, it is expandable via SD card and given the price of the latter, you can directly opt for 128 GB to be calm for many months. Our pick of the best microSD cards is also available for your perusal.

For optimal efficiency, we recommend the Sandisk Extreme 128GB micro SD card, which merits A2 and UHS-3 certification. This will ensure a good flow of information between the switch and the storage to limit performance issues, if any. It will cost you less than 35 euros. This map will also work on the classic Switch. We do not recommend official cards that offer no advantage over standard models and are more expensive.

The external battery: Anker PowerCore 525: to support your Switch Lite

Finding an external battery for your Switch is quite tricky as they struggle to deliver the power needed to power and recharge the console when it’s running. In fact, it requires 15 V / 2.6 A, or just under 40 W when in use. No reasonably sized power bank is capable of offering so much. However, Anker’s “Power Delivery” batteries allow the console to be recharged at a bearable rate. Also find a product in our selection dedicated to external batteries.

You have to choose between several models, but we recommend you opt for this 20,100 mAh battery at 65 euros that will give you almost two full recharges. Its external battery is the essential accessory for your Nintendo Switch Lite, since the autonomy of the latter is limited (between 3 and 4 hours).

The compact charger: Anker Power Delivery 65W

Are you tired of having to carry your big switch power supply with you everywhere? Opt for a more compact third-party charger that will easily fit anywhere. We continue at Anker where we look at each other, with this 65W charger that will power your console without any problem. If this one does not suit you, go to our selection dedicated to chargers.

Especially since, unlike the original charger, the USB-C cable is detachable, which will make transport easier. So you can also add a longer cable if you need to. Of course, the block is capable of recharging all other devices, such as a computer or smartphone. It costs less than 60 euros, but it comes without a USB cable.

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