The best 65-inch 4K TV of 2022 loses more than €1,000 of its initial price

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Building on its reputation, LG offers very good quality TVs. The proof is in its recent C2 range, which has some big goodies to please. Especially since at the moment its 65-inch version is at 1,519 euros compared to 2,690 euros when it went on the market.

LG OLED C2 TV // Source: LG

Already a huge success, the LG C1 series has been superseded by the C2 series. This range of Oled televisions takes up the strengths of its predecessor, with its support for HDMI 2.1 and its compatibility with the best video standards, but does it better by offering better brightness and a more efficient processor. This model is the perfect choice to be the television to put in your living room. And if you want the 65-inch format, it’s currently 43% off.

What are the advantages of the LG 65C2?

  • Excellent image quality on a large diagonal
  • 4K, HDR, HDR10, Dolby Vision IQ and Atmos compatible
  • HDMI 2.1 connectivity perfect for gaming
  • Not forgetting the fluid interface, WebOS

First launched at 2,690 euros, then reduced to 2,099 euros, the LG OLED C2 TV in its 65-inch version is now at a better price on the Rue du Commerce site: it is available for sale at 1,519 euros thanks to the valid ODR until 03/26.

If the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available after that, check below to find other promotions for the LG OLED65C2. The table is automatically updated.

where to buy the

LG OLED65C2 at the best price?

A bigger, brighter TV

LG’s C2 series is based on a design quite similar to the C1 generation. Always cared for, it has a clean appearance whose foot has been reduced to gain more space. This time it consists of a composite fiber frame that halves the weight of the television. But, the manufacturer mainly brings a change at the slab level. This has been improved and is based on OLED EVO technology to provide more brightness. According to the brand, the panel is 20% brighter than the previous generation. Obviously, the image quality is excellent on this 65-inch panel: we are entitled to infinite contrasts, deep blacks and vivid colors and excellent brightness.

Of course, the LG C2 incorporates a new processor, the alpha 9 gen 5, which adds more efficient upscaling technology than that of the C1 models. As ? Thanks to more powerful algorithms, to convert 1080p content to 4K definition more efficiently. There is also support for HDR, HDR10, Dolby Vision IQ. As for the audio part, it is also improved, where we go from a virtual mix in 5.1 in the C1 range to 7.1.2 for a broader sound.

Who ticks all the boxes

LG is integrating HDMI 2.1 ports into its TV to enjoy 4K@120Hz on PlayStation 5 and Xbox SeriesX. Therefore, it will display your games without any worries and also offers VRR and ALLM technologies, to fight against screen tearing -or tearing- and get a smooth and latency-free gaming experience. We can even take advantage of a response time of just 1 ms, and the G-Sync and AMD FreeSync certifications. The screen also refreshes at 100 Hz, which will ensure good image fluidity.

Finally, television animation is provided by WebOS. A fluid interface, more customizable with the idea of ​​highlighting the content according to your tastes. It gives access to emblematic applications, such as Netflix, Disney + or Prime Video, and also includes the voice assistants Google Assistant and Alexa, accessible through the buttons on the remote control. Small regret at the level of the remote control, this one is complete, but it lacks backlight. Finally, the television is compatible with AirPlay 2 and with the entire Apple HomeKit ecosystem.

If you want a more complete opinion, you can find our test on the LG OLEDC2 TV for the 55-inch model.

8 /10


LG against the competition

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