The Apple Watch Ultra benefits from a significant first drop in Darty and Fnac

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Apple’s connected watches have many advantages, but to appeal to athletes, the brand has designed an Ultra version. Priced high at 999 euros today, it’s softening up a bit by moving to 899 euros on the Darty and Fnac sites.

Apple Watch Ultra
The Apple Watch Ultra // Source: Frandroid

In September 2022, Apple introduced a new version of its smartwatches: the Apple Watch Ultra. This touch is designed for ultra-athletes. Therefore, it will not be suitable for the general public, and tries to appeal to sports enthusiasts and those who are used to the Apple ecosystem. As of today, its price is softened thanks to this discount of 100 euros.

A few words about the Apple Watch Ultra

  • A robust and waterproof watch
  • An efficient dual-frequency GPS
  • Accurate heart rate tracking
  • A muscular autonomy

Sold at €999, the Apple Watch Ultra is currently available for sale at €899 at Darty. The offer is also available at Fnac.

If the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available, check below to find other promotions for the Apple Watch Ultra. The table is automatically updated.

Where to buy

Apple Watch Ultra (2022) at the best price?

An Apple Watch like no other…

The Apple Watch Ultra is aimed at athletes used to extreme sports. To offer a sports watch, the Cupertino company had to review the format of its usable and adopt a more robust appearance. Opt for a 49mm titanium case, the first in size for an Apple Watch.

It is very impressive once on the wrist, but it allows you to view more data such as calories burned, number of meters traveled, heart rate, etc. Its large screen is pleasant to use on a day-to-day basis, especially due to the brightness that goes up to 2,000 nits and offers good readability. Always On mode is also in the game.

They try to please sports enthusiasts.

The Apple Watch Ultra is also more resistant. Its case is protected by sapphire crystal to be prepared for any eventuality, whether in the desert at less than 55 degrees, or on top of a mountain at -20 degrees. It’s also IP6X certified for dust (and underwater up to 100 meters), and can even be used for diving up to 40 meters. It is distinguished by the incorporation of a new button that will be used to activate quick controls (start training instantly, for example). The Digital Crown is still there, but bigger.

It is not flawless, and it is missing some essentials to keep up with some competitors such as Garmin, Suunto, Coros and other Polar. However, the heart rate tracking is very accurate and the dual rate GPS gets more accurate and is on par with the latest Garmin. The compass offers the ability to place waypoints and retrace your path.

Upward autonomy, but…

Apple Watches are rarely known for their battery life. With the Watch Ultra, the Californian firm reverses the trend and promises 36 hours on a single charge and up to 60 hours with energy saving mode, compared to 18 hours on normal. During our test, we were able to test it under different conditions, was able to last 3 days and 11 hours with non-sports use. It lags far behind the Garmin fēnix 7, which reached 13 days of autonomy in our test, but it has the merit of offering better autonomy than other Apple Watches.

To find out more, here’s our test on the Apple Watch Ultra (2022).

7 /10

Apple Watch Ultra Frandroid 2022

And the competition?

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