the 3 best offers to open an account in February 2023

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Choosing your next bank is often a headache, but just like mobile or internet plans, it is possible to get good deals. We have selected three of the best welcome offers of the moment.

Do you want to change banks? In any case, we advise you to visit an online bank if you want to take advantage of the usual welcome offers that some of them offer to their new customers. In this month of February 2023, we have selected three of the most generous online banks of the moment.

Online Banking Offers Overview

Orange Bank: bonus of up to 100 euros

The French telecom giant launched its banking offering 5 years ago with the ambition of being the first 100% French neobank (My French Bank has been there ever since). Its banking offer focuses on simplicity with 2 types of cards, including a completely free one, accessible without conditions, but with commissions for payments and withdrawals abroad. The second card costs 4.99 euros per month for the first 6 months before moving to 7.99 euros per month. This card offers free payments and withdrawals abroad with a debit option: immediate or deferred. The IBAN issued is French, again, a privilege compared to other more conventional neobanks.

This offer is also available in a family pack at 9.99 euros per month and combining 2 cards, practical for a joint account for example. Keep in mind that it is possible to obtain a checkbook for free, an option necessarily valid in other neobanks or even online banks.

Another of Orange Bank’s advantages is its ability to offer more varied banking products such as savings accounts or even consumer, car or travel loans. This is not the case for some more traditional neobanks.

On the application side, we appreciate the clear and uncluttered interface that allows contactless payment via the NFC function. This is further enhanced by support for Google Pay and Apple Pay.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to consult our complete opinion on Orange Bank.

This offer at Orange Bank is valid only for new customers. It allows you to obtain a bonus of up to 100 euros after opening a Premium account or Premium Pack.

Fortuneo: bonus of up to 150 euros

Fortuneo is one of the most popular online banks in France along with Boursorama or Hello Bank. It draws on its traditional banking experience, itself being a subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole group. It is best known for having a stock market platform that has proven its worth even before the craze of online brokerage. Although Fortuneo has historically been aimed at a wealthy clientele, it is gradually reaching out to a broader audience thanks to its Fosfo offerings accessible with no entry conditions.

All Fortuneo Banque offers offer zero commissions on credit card payments and withdrawals anywhere in the world, with no amount limit. Certified Mastercard cards have all the organization’s travel guarantees and this is obviously the case with Fosfo and Gold Mastercard cards. Fortuneo is a modern online bank that relies on the ergonomics of its ecosystem, be it in terms of payments (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, etc.), but also through practical innovations such as virtual cards, the possibility of make instant transfers. or even add external accounts to the application.

The Fortuneo app may not be the best in its class, but it has definitely gotten better over the years. The gain in ergonomics and functionality is now largely at the level. We can, for example, have the visualization of live transactions or the creation of virtual cards. For lovers of stock management, it is possible to access economic and financial news in real time thanks to the Stock Market portal. Finally, security is also at the heart of the experience with the ability to schedule automatic disconnection, specifying the time limit for disconnection after inactivity, or to disconnect from the account when the app goes into the background.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to consult our complete opinion on Fortuneo.

Current course offering until February 16, 2023 and allows you to obtain a bonus of up to 150 euros for opening an account in Fortuneo. She is only available to new customers. Don’t forget to enter the promo code FTNFEV23 to qualify for this bonus.

Monabanq: Up to 120 euros bonus

As Monabanq is a subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel-CIC Group, online banking benefits from all the know-how of the historical banking establishment. The offer is made up of 4 levels designed for checking accounts, varying the level of card and service depending on the price. In any case, and whatever your choice, you benefit from unlimited withdrawals and payments in the euro zone as well as the possibility of makingCheck deposits at Crédit Mutuel and CIC ATMs. Also, the bank offers a French IBAN, which is always an advantage compared to other neobanks in France.

Therefore, all 3 levels correspond to one card level. The Pratiq+ offer, for 3 euros per month, gives access to a check book, an overdraft authorization as well as some free deposits and withdrawals in France and Europe as well as a Visa Classic card and an authorized overdraft on opening. It is from the Uniq offer at 6 euros per month that the bank offers services designed for travelers such as the creation of 50 payments and 25 free withdrawals in the euro zone as well as additional Visa insurance such as coverage for Internet purchases , For example. . Finally, the Uniq+ offer at 9 euros per month corresponds to the maximum level and offers, in addition to the previous options, the absence of exchange fees and a higher level of insurance. For all these offers, you have the option of the Visa card, which can be systematic, Classic or Premier authorization.

The Monabanq app, available on iOS and Android, is quite simple and intuitive to use. Options such as the categorization of expenses or the geolocation of nearby CIC distributors are part of the functionalities. However, we still notice the absence of Google Pay despite the recent arrival of Apple Pay on the mobile payment side.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to consult our complete opinion on Monabanq.

Monabanq’s current offer allows you to obtain a total bonus of 120 euros for opening an account with a bank card. this offer is only available to new customers.

Bank comparator

If you want to discover other offers, do not hesitate to consult our bank comparator.

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