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Realme was very low-key at this year’s MWC, but it was still very present. The Chinese manufacturer has announced the global launch of the Realme GT3, also known in China as the Realme GT Neo 5. Its particularity: a charging power of 240 W. In fact, this allows it to be recharged in less than ten minutes.

The presentation of the Realme GT3 // Source: Realme

The largest exhibition dedicated to mobile devices, the MWC, ends today. Among prototypes of smartphones and increasingly foldable or rollable screens, there was also Realme, with a single announcement, but which could be of great importance. The brand revealed the global launch of the Realme GT3, the western version of the Realme GT Neo 5 that will launch in China. A Realme smartphone with a charging power of 240 W and whose battery can be filled in less than ten minutes: there is no better on the market. At least for the moment: Redmi presented a 300 W fast charge at the fair.

240 W charging: less than ten minutes to reach 100%

The Realme GT3 has a charging power of 240 W: for the manufacturer, this is “the maximum possible power according to USB-C standards.Realme therefore advertises honestly impressive charging speeds: 80 seconds to recover 20% and 9 minutes 30 seconds for a full charge. All in a battery with a capacity of 4600 mAh. During the conference, we learn that a charge of 30 seconds allows to obtain in autonomy:

  • 3.5 hours of music listening;
  • 40 minutes of video playback;
  • 25 minutes of play.
Source: Realme

The brand also says that it has worked on the compactness of the charger for this smartphone: it is smaller than its 150W adapter already on the market, while offering 60% more power. As for the battery, it has a liquid cooling system that covers 61.5%. It also includes thirteen heat sensors to adapt charging based on battery temperature. To reassure customers and reviewers, Realme also indicates a TÜV Rheinland certification of its Realme GT3. The Chinese manufacturer has also anticipated battery life concerns from such high charging power. According to him, the Realme GT3 “has 80% battery life after 1600+ charge cycles at 240W».

A Realme GT3 that also offers interesting functions

This smartphone is decidedly oriented towards this power, since next to the photo block, we find what the brand calls the “Legumes”: It is a C-shaped RGB lighting ring. It offers lighting effects based on the remaining battery percentage, but also notifications:

  • Red when 20% or less remains.
  • Purple when it is between 21 and 100%.
  • Flashes quickly when a call is received.
  • It lights up white when you receive a notification.
  • Glows blue, white, and orange during self-timer when taking a photo.
Source: Realme

A function that is relatively reminiscent of the Glyph of the Nothing (1) phone, or even the mix between an iPhone and a Nothing that we discovered at the fair. Realme has pushed the customization of these effects as you can choose between 25 color tones, two types of rhythm and five speed modes.

A more gaming-oriented Realme smartphone

What makes us say that this upper mid-range smartphone is more oriented towards video games is its RAM memory: up to 16 GB depending on the configuration (although it starts at 8). There is also the Amoled screen with a 144 Hz refresh rate. Although some smartphones are starting to have those rates, the standard remains at 120 Hz, even in high-end models. Furthermore, the maximum brightness of this screen is 1400 cd/m². Everything works thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC.

Source: Realme

In the photographic section we know that we have the right to a 50 Mpx IMX890 main photosensor. It is accompanied by an 8 MP ultra-wide angle sensor as well as a 2 MP macro sensor. On the other hand, the selfie sensor offers 16 Mpx.

Realme GT3 price and availability

If we know that the Realme GT3 will be available in Europe, we don’t know its release date or its price. We only know that it will be marketed starting at $649. As for configurations, several will be offered:

  • 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.
  • 12 and 256 GB.
  • 16 and 256 GB.
  • 16 and 512 Go.
  • 16 Go and 1 A.

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