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The American site The Verge has delivered a lot of information and images about the next two Sonos speakers, Era 100 and Era 300.

The Sonos Era 300
The Sonos Era 300 // Source : The Verge

For several months now, rumors have been insisting on the new connected speakers from the American manufacturer Sonos. After delivering various information in recent weeks, the specialized site the edge went further by revealing, in an article, several images of the future Sonos Era 300 and Sonos Era 100.

While the two speakers have yet to be officially unveiled by Sonos, it’s a shower of details that gives us the edge in his article published on Monday, February 20. In addition to several photos of the two speakers, the American site reveals not only the expected price of the two connected speakers, but also a good part of their features.

Therefore, the Sonos Era 100 should appear as relatively classic cylindrical speakers whose appearance is reminiscent of the Sonos Move. According to information from the edge, the speaker should logically be compatible with the Sonos Wi-Fi 6 ecosystem, but it could also allow playback of music files streamed via Bluetooth 5.0 or using the integrated USB-C connection. The Sonos Era 100 should also include an auxiliary jack to allow playback from external sources, such as a record player. “It’s better to see it as an evolved and better performing Sonos One (ideally)”describe the edge about the Era 100, specifying that the manufacturer would have integrated a second tweeter for the treble, in order to allow a true stereo scene, as well as a larger mid-woofer for more bass power.

A Sonos Era 300 designed for spatial audio

For its part, the Sonos Era 300 should be more cropped for spatial audio. Its design looks exactly like the one seen in a diagram already revealed by the edge many months ago In addition to the connectivity, identical to that of the Era 100, the Era 300 should benefit from six speakers directed both to the front, left and right as well as upwards. It must be said that just like Apple’s new HomePod 2, the Sonos Era 300 should support Dolby Atmos audio formats.

Among the other novelties of these two speakers, the edge He affirms that they will be the first from Sonos to be compatible with Trueplay calibration not only on iPhone -as was the case- but also from Android smartphones thanks to the microphones integrated in the speakers.

At the moment, we still do not know all the characteristics of these two speakers, as well as their exact price. the edge We expect a price of $250 for the Era 100 and $450 for the Era 300. We should hear more about them in the coming weeks. As a reminder, Sonos intends to multiply the launches in the course of 2023, launching them in other markets. In particular, we expect a potential headset, the first model of its kind from the American firm.

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