That’s it, Tesla are no longer dangerous and now they respect the highway code

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Tesla has begun rolling out the v11 update to its FSD (Full Self-Driving) in the US. This brings a very important fix, requested by US Highway Safety, to reduce the risk of accidents and ensure driver code compliance. circulation.

In mid-February, the US Highway Safety (NHTSA) and Tesla jointly announced a massive recall of more than 362,000 electric cars from Elon Musk’s firm in the United States. In question: a serious problem within the level 2 semi-autonomous driving software (FSD for Full Self-Driving) that could lead to violations of the Highway Code, or even more serious: accidents. This recall wasn’t really one, as the American manufacturer indicated at the time that it was preparing a remote software update (OTA).

FSD is no longer dangerous

And precisely, the FSD software has just arrived this week in the United States in its version v11. Technical changes are important. First of all, the violations of the highway code and the risks of accidents related to the recall seem to be corrected if we believe the post notes shared by Teslascope on Twitter. In fact, we can read there that respecting the orange light will be more natural, as will the gradual reduction in speed when approaching an intersection. Above all, enforcement of speed limits now needs to be done correctly, regardless of zones. Finally, the dangerous maneuver of going straight into a curve (to stay in the non-priority lane) should be a thing of the past.

Eventually, Tesla will have managed to fix a serious software bug and roll it out to several hundred thousand cars in just four weeks. We see here all the interest of car manufacturers to offer OTA updates for the entire system (engine, driving aids, etc.), and not only in the infotainment or GPS part.

The FSD evolves in depth… especially on the road

In addition to these bug fixes, Tesla has gone much further. The famous FSD has gone from version v10 to version v11, but still in beta. The list of new features is as long as you can read in the full release note shared by the Not a Tesla app. The biggest announcement is the change to FSD also on motorway sections. Previously, these were compatible with the old Autopilot. Otherwise, the performance of the FSD has evolved in many areas as accurately detailed by Tesla.

Remember that at the moment the FSD is not available in Europe where we have to be content with the Autopilot as a summary The numberyou have in your file dedicated to the subject. In both cases it is a level 2 autonomous driving. But the FSD is capable of taking into account many more situations than the Autopilot. All of these driving aids allow Tesla to advertise that its cars are much safer than vehicles without such features.

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