Thanks to this new view, you will enjoy WhatsApp even more on your tablet

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A WhatsApp update rolled out in beta greatly improves the user experience on tablets. Here, we’re talking about a split view that’s much more practical to use on a daily basis than a single-window overview.

A selfie with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra // Source: Robin Wycke – Frandroid

Between a smartphone and a tablet, the biggest difference is in the size of the screen. Inevitably, with a much larger diagonal, tablets offer superior comfort of use and a much larger screen interface. As a developer, knowing how to adapt to it to offer the best user experience is therefore important.

This is exactly what WhatsApp plans to do in the near future. A new beta version recently implemented on the PlayStore allows you to discover a slightly revised interface: here it is a split view in two, exclusively for tablets, we learn WABetaInfo.

dual view

The idea is simple: when you open a chat, the chat no longer takes up all the space. Instead, the left side of the screen shows the traditional chat list, while the left side opens the chat you want to type in (example below).

Source: WABetaInfo

This split view is handy in more ways than one: it lets you write to a contact while simultaneously browsing your conversation list. You don’t need to go back to access another exchange: everything is in front of your eyes at the same time. This organization also applies to the call interface.

still in beta

Above all, it is reminiscent of certain designs implemented in Samsung’s foldable smartphones. The Galaxy Z Fold 4, for example, offers this kind of view for the phone’s settings, but also for the Contacts app. Navigation is even more fluid and simplified. You get used to it quickly.

At the moment, this little tweak is only available in beta. It will undoubtedly land for the general public in the coming months.

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