Thanks to Google Contacts, you will no longer forget the birthdays of your friends

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The Google contact management application has a new section. Inside this is a new feature: it shows nothing but the upcoming birthdays of your contacts. Something not to “forget” the birthdays of your friends or family.

Google Contacts met Material You in Android 11

Facebook was traditionally the one that reminded us of our friends’ birthdays. Google has been doing it for a while now, too, in various places on our smartphones. This has been the case for some time on the Google Assistant, and more recently, Google Messages has started reminding you of birthdays as well. It is the turn of Google Contacts, the contact management application pre-installed on Android smartphones, to remind you of birthdays, as has been verified 9to5Google.

AND “newsin Google Contacts

It’s a bit so we can summarize the said flow “Reflexesadded in December by Google in its contacts application. New in version 4.2 is the addition of a “For youwhich indicates, among other things, the upcoming birthdays of your saved contacts.

Google contacts now show birthdays // Source: 9to5Google

A section that slides between your favorite contacts and those with whom you have recently communicated. Each entered birthday is displayed with the photo and name of the contact in question, with the date and a countdown. Added to this are shortcuts to call or message your loved one. As our English-speaking colleagues have clarified, this is quite similar to what Google Messages already allows you to do.

It’s interesting to see where Google Contacts is moving: to avoid being replaced by other contact management apps, we’re seeing new features appear. If in the base, this application is only used to list your contacts, now it is “proactiveon how to manage them. Google Contacts is no longer just a directory, but a real application of “management“. It is also changing its interface, with a redesign of the widgets that will arrive in the coming months.

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