Thanks to ChatGPT (and a trick), Bing is exploding in the App Store rankings

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Since last week, the Bing application has risen strongly in the ranking of the most downloaded applications in the App Store at the moment. The reason: the upcoming integration of ChatGPT into Microsoft’s search engine, but also company practices that promote downloads.

Bing with ChatGPT // Source: Microsoft

Last week, Microsoft confirmed the arrival of ChatGPT to Bing and Edge, with the promise of reliable artificial intelligence and above all that it quotes its sources. In order to use it, you have to register on a waiting list to try this new Bing. Over on Twitter, we noticed early adopters of the internet have access to this new feature and are conducting initial testing. All this has made Microsoft’s Edge and Bing apps rise in the ranking of the most downloaded apps in the App Store, according to what they point out. TechCrunch.

Bing downloads multiplied by 10

The media is based on data from the company and writes that “In the US app store, the Bing app rose to 12th place among all free iPhone apps, while Microsoft’s Edge browser is now the third utility app.According to estimates, the Bing app has been downloaded 10 times more than usual globally.

Bing ranking in the App Store // Source: TechCrunch

In the graph published by the English-speaking medium, we see that before the announcement, Bing was ranked 160th in the US ranking of productivity applications, before reaching third place in a few days. All categories combined, it wasn’t even ranked before.

Microsoft’s method for you to download the Bing application

However, this sudden revival of interest in Bing is not simply due to the arrival of ChatGPT on Bing. Simply because the AI ​​(at least initially) will not be available in the mobile version of the search engine. It’s also not because users realized that Bing was better than Google, when the latter brought in Bard to counter Microsoft.

Microsoft wants to interfere with your PC // Source: Frandroid

In fact, the new Bing waitlist includes methods to win seats. This means using Microsoft services on your PC, but also and above all downloading Bing on your smartphone. Which artificially strongly increases the number of downloads of the application.

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