Tesla’s declared price war is already having big consequences for Ford

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In response to Tesla’s sharp price drop, Ford has no choice but to follow suit. Thus, the American firm has considerably reduced the prices of its Mustang Mach-E in the United States.

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Although we are still a long way from the 35,000 euro car, although a version of the Model 3 exhibited at this price had been briefly marketed in the United States, Tesla has significantly revised its price list. Precisely, on January 13, the American manufacturer made a significant price drop of up to 13,000 euros for the Model 3 and the Model Y, depending on the version. A global drop, which follows a drop in sales of the brand, especially in China and the United States. Thus, Elon Musk hopes to recover customers, when his company could have had a very difficult year in 2023, due to Chinese competition.

A true price war

But the shock wave is still far from over. In fact, now it’s Ford’s turn to enter the dance. The American firm, which currently sells a single electric model, specifically the Mustang Mach-E, also seems concerned about this sudden drop in prices at Tesla. If until then it had not planned to lower the prices of its SUV, despite a reduction in material costs, the Dearborn-based manufacturer has finally revised its strategy.

The brand, relayed by the site automotive news in fact announces a drop in the price of its Mach-E, from $600 to $5,900 (about 555 to about 5,458 euros) depending on the finish. An unexpected turn for the brand, which shows how worried its rivals are about Tesla’s incredible price drop. Marin Gjaja, customer manager for the Ford EV division in Europe explains that ” It’s a competitive market, and it’s gotten a lot more competitive because of what Tesla has done. We will not give land to anyone« .

US only (for now)

Thus, the entry-level version of the electric SUV is now priced at $47,495 (about 43,933 euros), a drop of $900 compared to the $48,395 (about 44,765 euros) initially requested. But the biggest concerns of the fall the GT Extended Range version, I lost 5,900 dollarsgoing from 71,395 to 65,495 dollars (from 66,041 to 60,583 euros approximately).

Ford specifies that the units already ordered by customers will also be affected by this reduction automatically. The latter will be informed directly by the manufacturer. Note that this price drop only pertains to the US market, while the Ford Mustang Mach-E is still being shown. from 61,650 euros in France. Thus, the electric SUV cannot qualify for the ecological bonus of 5,000 euros, only reserved for cars under 47,000 euros.

The price war and the different manufacturers

If more and more manufacturers seem to be revising their pricing policy to prevent Tesla from leaving them behind, not all are of the same opinion yet. This is particularly the case with Volkswagen, which does not want to play this little game Interviewed by German media Sunday newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeineits CEO Olivier Blume has stated thatno price reduction was planned for the moment. The same in Porsche, whose prices could even increase as they explain car week.

Faced with the Asian invasion, which also worries specialists in Europe, Tesla has decided to act. A fall that quickly had the effect of a bomb, prompting his rivals to do the same. A strategy adopted by Xpeng, which has lowered the prices of its P5, P7 and G3 from 20,000 to 36,000 yuan (about 2,700 to 4,900 euros). The brand was then followed by the Vietnamese VinFast, which meanwhile announced the implementation of promotional operations.

Without specifying if it will be a real price drop. Because for now, the VF8 SUV is more expensive than the Model Y, with a base price shown at $59,000 (about 54,413 euros, compared to 52,990 dollars (about 48,870 euros). A few days later, it was Lucid’s turn to announce a price cut for its Air sedan, but only under certain conditions. In fact, only customers who have subscribed to the rental offer are concerned.

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