Tesla’s biggest competitor temporarily lowers the price of its electric cars

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The Chinese giant BYD embarks on the price war launched by Tesla in January. Thus, the firm has decided to lower the prices of several of its electric cars in China. A first since the beginning of the year for the manufacturer, which is beginning its development in Europe. But beware, it would not be a deliberate act of the manufacturer.

BYD booth has Auto World 2022
BYD stand at the 2022 Paris Motor Show // Source: Marie Lizak for Frandroid

On January 13, Tesla decided to reduce the prices of two of its cars, the Model 3 and the Model Y. If the firm is used to playing yo-yo with the prices of its vehicles, this time it has hit rock bottom. big hit lowering these to 13,000 eurosTherefore, both models can take advantage of the ecological bonus. A decision that then was not without consequences for the rest of the automobile market.

BYD enters the dance

In fact, for over a month, More and more manufacturers decide to review the prices of some of their models. This is precisely the case of BYD, which in turn is embarking on this price war that is gaining more and more strength. The Chinese manufacturer, which little by little begins to export to Europe with three electric cars, has decided to reduce the prices of several models in China.

As the site explains jiemianmodels in the Dynasty range, including the Han, Tang, Qin, Song and Yuan (known as the Atto 3), therefore benefit froma drop of up to 20,000 yuan, which is then equivalent to 2,723 euros. This is particularly the case with the Han EV sedan, which is about to undergo a light restyage currently up and running on the net ahead of its official reveal. The newer models limit their drop to 10,000 yuan (about 1,361 euros).

BYD Han // Source: Marie Lizak

Be careful, because the entire range is not affected by this new pricing policy. In fact, the Ocean range, which includes the Seal, the Dolphin and the Frigate in particular, does not benefit from this price reduction, as confirmed by some employees of the brand. The latter state that they have not received any directive regarding a reduction in the prices of these cars, not yet offered in Europe.

However, the Chinese manufacturer would have spoken as transmitted by the site. CnEVPostciting information from Asian media yicai. We then learned that the price reductions would not have been decided by the manufacturer, but by certain dealers.

Unfortunately, the Old Continent will not be able to take advantage of these discounts. In fact, these are limited to China only, as are the price reductions on the Nissan Ariya and Toyota bZ4X. Only customers who purchase their BYD in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen can take advantage of this offer. which will end in march.

a wide resonance

In addition, BYD announces another good news for its customers, who can already take advantage of reduced delivery times. If last year you had to wait about six months to receive your car, now you only have to wait three months on average. A positive evolution that we owe to the greater stock of new cars, due to slightly lower sales according to CNEVPost. However, the shortage of semiconductors would also be improving, while the specialists were counting on their end by 2024.

Enough to encourage customers to take a closer look at BYD, even though the brand faces some very strong competition. In fact, the company is not the only one that has made a large price drop on its electric cars. This is particularly the case with rival Xpeng, which has dropped the prices of its P5, P7 and G3. VinFast has also followed the trend, especially with its VF8, which has somewhat disappointing battery life.

Then it was climbing. Lucid, which lowers monthly rental fees for its Air sedan, but also more traditional brands like Ford. In fact, the latter has lowered the prices of its Mustang Mach-E in the United States, contrary to its original strategy. This is probably a bit of a concern for Tesla, which could already be experiencing one of the most difficult years in its history in 2023, due in particular to Chinese competition.

However, last November, BYD announced its intention to increase the price of its cars, as well as those of his brand Denza. An unexpected twist, while several other brands refuse to play this little game. This is particularly the case with Renault, but also with Volkswagen and Fisker, which by no means reduce the price of their electric cars.

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