Tesla shows the wireless charging of an electric car with this mysterious photo

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During its Investor Day, which was held on March 1, Tesla multiplied the announcements, including one that until now had gone a little under the radar. Elon Musk’s firm is said to be working on an induction charging system, which allows you to charge your electric car battery at home without wires.

A few days ago, on March 1 more precisely, Elon Musk organized his long-awaited Investor Day. A large conference in which the leader made numerous announcements, including those related to the Master Plan Part 3 and the construction of its Gigafactory in Mexico. If two mysterious vehicles have been mentioned, there is no trace, however, of the Model 2 and the redesigned Model 3.

Innovative technology

During this event, in which the businessman also confirmed the arrival of the Tesla Cybertruck this year, several brand executives took the floor to talk about the specific news of its different divisions. Among them, Rebecca Tinucci, in charge of charging infrastructure development From the manufacturer now based in Texas.

During this presentation, this University of Virginia alumnus remarkably returned to Tesla’s efforts. to make DC and AC charging accessible anywhere. The opportunity to learn about the very low implementation costs of Superchargers compared to competitors, when it takes around $40,000 for a station in New York State, compared to $170,000 on average for rivals.

But if these data are obviously very interesting, it was not the biggest surprise of this announcement. Because this one came a little later, as the site explains. electric. Before leaving the stage, Rebecca Tinucci wanted to end her presentation with one last slide: “ one more thing like Steve Jobs did at Apple. By remembering that so we also want to make sure that we continue focus on awesome charging experiences« .

If the picture mainly shows the Tesla Diner project planned in California and taking the form of a vintage American diner, it is the 2nd part that interests us the most. In fact, this shows what looks a lot like an induction charging system for the home. Which may seem surprising, while the manufacturer has so far never communicated about the arrival of such a solution.

various barriers

So is this a sneak peek from Tesla, who will give more information later on this technology? Everything seems to think so. But it will be better to take the trouble patiently, because we know that the American company, which broke a sales record in 2022 with a million cars delivered, is struggling with deadlines. We are thinking in particular of the Cybertruck, presented in 2019 for a commercialization scheduled for 2021 and which is not yet there.

Especially since the company will have to face many difficulties to develop its domestic induction charging solution. In fact, this technology, which can be very practical thanks to the absence of cumbersome cables, it is less efficient than a conventional charge. Not to mention the installation cost, which would also be very high, because you have to install a charging pad on the ground in addition to a terminal.

Many difficulties to simply avoid having to Get out for a few seconds to plug in your car. Is it really relevant? However, several companies are working on the development of this technology, including Volvo, which carried out full-scale tests in March 2022 on its XC40 Recharge. London EV Company Limited (LEVC) has also partnered with Nissan to experiment with this solution.

In 2015, Tesla also released a video showing a unique recharging system in the form of a “robot snake” capable of connecting autonomously to the car. This solution had been talked about again in 2020, but since then, radio silence on the part of the brand. It is currently working on the development of its V4 Superchargers as well as its Megachargers designed to supply the Tesla Semi.

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