Tesla offers temporary discounts to boost sales: should you break or wait?

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Tesla is currently offering deep discounts on new models in its electric car line, the Model 3 and Model Y. Discounts on sale can reach several thousand euros, an offer that could pique buyers’ interest. Given this situation, the question arises: is it better to give in to the current offer or wait for a future opportunity?

Tesla Model 3 generated with an AI tool by Frandroid

Officially, there have been no further price cuts by Tesla in France. This is not the case in the United States, where Tesla’s Model S and X have seen new discounts on configurable vehicles in recent days.

In fact, the Tesla Model S sedan is now $89,990, while the Model X SUV is $99,990, down 5% and 9%, respectively. In France, the Model S sedan is at 113,990 euros, at least, and the Model X at 121,990 euros. While it is difficult to compare the fees charged in the United States and France, considering taxes and other aid, there is still a significant price difference between the two regions. But, this is not the case with other Tesla models.

price readjustments

The latest price reductions in France date from January 2023 and refer to the Model 3 and Y, these discounts have made it possible to drop below 47,000 euros for the Propulsion versions, which allows you to benefit from the 5,000 (or 7,000) bonus ecological euro.

These are the official price reductions, however it is possible to take advantage of additional discounts. As ? In recent days, Tesla has been offering several thousand euros in discounts on vehicles available. Models, usually new, that are immediately available. Take for example, this March 9, 2022a white Model Y Propulsion at 38,600 euros (7,000 km on the clock), but there are also completely new models at 40,670 euros.

discounts everywhere

Discounts apply to all vehicles, with options and colors to choose from. So we can discover new models for sale every morning. However, the latter require being able to quickly withdraw several tens of thousands of euros, which can be problematic if you have to look for financing.

Who wants a Tesla Model 3?

Know that this is a common practice at Tesla, the American manufacturer seeks to boost its sales at the end of the quarter. This was the case in December 2022, in particular on the Model Y Propulsion. In short, there is still plenty of Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y stock on the manufacturer’s site, and it seems intent on selling them before the end of Q1 2023.

Is it time to break up?

If you’re wondering if it’s time to break up, it’s hard to give you a clear answer. In fact, we are waiting for news on various topics, including Hardware 4.

Currently, there is no camera at the height of the front bumper, and this is also a problem in the absence of ultrasonic sensors, and only one camera is located in the center of the rear bumper, above the license plate. However, that doesn’t mean the current Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are bad.Far from it: with the price drop at the beginning of the year, they are also considered one of the best price/performance ratios in the electricity market. By adding these temporary discounts, these offers are interesting. In addition, we are waiting for news from Tesla Vision, which will allow us to offer an alternative to the vehicles that are currently sold.

However, with current very short lead times, it’s probably worth the wait if you’re not in a hurry. It is likely that new models can be sold at today’s prices, and the price of today’s Model 3 and Model Y on the used market will inevitably drop. This will do good business, no doubt.

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