Tesla lowers the price of its Model S and Model X, but not for everyone (yet)

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After the Model 3 and Model Y, it’s the turn of the Tesla Model S and Model X to benefit from a price drop of up to $10,000. Unfortunately, this sharp drop does not worry France at the moment. But that very well could happen a bit later…

The price of cars changes regularly, regardless of the manufacturer. Dacia has recently revised the prices of its models, including the Spring, while Renault has increased its electric city cars and its Mégane E-Tech. Same with Volkswagen. But if there’s one brand known for playing with the labels on its cars, it’s Tesla. In fact, Elon Musk’s firm is used to varying the prices of its vehicles, depending on supply and demand in particular.

a hard fall

Last January, however, it took a big hit by lowering its Model 3 and Model Y to 13,000 euros around the world, and especially in France. An incredible fall, which followed severe difficulties in China and the United States and which generated a real price war. But Tesla doesn’t want to stop there just yet, as he’s back in the headlines.

Indeed, and as the American site explains electric, the manufacturer has once again reviewed the prices of its cars. And this time, it is the Model S and the Model X that are affected. So, looking at the configurator, the journalists noted that both vehicles fell sharply. So, the Model S Great Autonomy goes from 94,990 to 89,990 dollars without taxes (from 89,076 to 84,388 euros in conversion) while the Plaid version goes from 114,990 to 109,990 dollars without taxes (about 107,831 to 10,3143 euros in conversion).

But that is not all. The large SUV with Falcon doors It also benefits from this price change, while the AWD Long Range version drops from 109,990 to 99,990 dollars (103,143 to 93,765 euros). Same for the Plaid variant, now displayed at $109,990, which is equivalent to €103,143 at current exchange rates. Total, these two models suffer a drop that goes from 5 to 10 thousand dollars.

An important drop that comes a few weeks after the one operated by Elon Musk in January, which also worried the large sedan and SUV in the United States. At that time, the Model S Plaid dropped $21,000 (about 19,692 euros) while the Model X Plaid dropped $19,000, the equivalent of about 17,817 euros.

not with us

Thus, and as Electrek explains, the Model S returns to its summer 2021 level thanks to this fall, while Tesla had revised the prices of its vehicles upwards in recent years. And this even if prices have halved in five years. But while it is experiencing some difficulties, despite record sales in 2022, it must multiply initiatives to attract customers. Especially since the firm will be put to the test by Chinese manufacturers this year.

But does this incredible price drop also benefit French customers? Well unfortunately not. For now, prices remain unchanged in France, with a Model S from 113,990 euros and a Model X exposed from 121,990 euros. Consequently, the two vehicles will not be eligible for the ecological bonus of 5,000 euros reserved for cars of less than 47,000 euros.

For now, therefore no reduction is expected on the sedan and SUV in France, but it is not yet excluded that it will happen one day. Because the fall in the prices of the Model 3 and Model Y was not foreseen at all either. Therefore, you will have to be vigilant in the coming days if you want to buy a vehicle from the brand. If this were to happen, there is also the possibility that customers who have already placed an order could benefit from it, as was the case with the two best sellers of the manufacturer.

It must also be remembered that the sale price of the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X in France was 99,990 euros and 109,990 euros respectively at the end of 2021. In the Plaid version, you had to pay 129,990 euros and 139,990 euros. . Then it is possible that the current prices will drop to the old prices also in France.

While the firm finished the year on a very high note and would be profitable even by selling its cars, unlike some manufacturers like Renault, it’s a safe bet that other price drops will follow. In fact, Tesla posted a gross margin of 27.9% in the third quarter of 2022, thanks in particular to an optimized design. This was especially applauded by Toyota engineers a few days ago.

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