Tesla has found another clever way to lower the price of charging

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Among the few announcements from Tesla’s March 1 conference, however, the manufacturer mentioned unlimited overnight home charging for $30 a month. We explain how it works.

We expected a lot from this March 1, 2023. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much. And yet, the very title of the conference, Investor’s Day, could put us on the path of these three soporific hours, all of them dotted with interesting elements to catch on the fly.

Among the announcements to remember and that we have already developed, the arrival of the V4 Superchargers, the development of the 48 Volt battery in the entire range, the confirmation of the Gigafactory in Mexico, the new Next Gen platform to come, the pure and simple stop of rare earths in motors.

Another announcement that has not fallen on deaf ears, unlimited recharge, at night, for only 30 dollars a month. And based on renewable energy!

Ride in a Tesla, with Tesla power

If you follow Tesla closely, you probably haven’t missed the December 2022 announcement that Tesla officially becomes an electricity provider. We are talking here about the Tesla Electric service, which is based on the concept of a virtual power plant, and which buys and sells electricity to Tesla Powerwall owners, these stationary batteries that can power the house. Power that comes primarily from solar panels (Tesla Solar Roof) also sold by Tesla. do you still follow?

Tesla Powerwall // Source: Tesla

A complete ecosystem that now seems to be taking off again with a more than attractive offer, especially in these times of high inflation in energy costs: it will now be possible to buy an unlimited nightly recharge, at home, for $30 per month, the current equivalent about 28 euros. It’s dreamy, right?

Why a “night” offer? Because Tesla engineer Drew Baglino explained that the wind is blowing hard at night (in Texas), the wind turbines are spinning, and the utilities have so much power they don’t know what to do with it. And of course, it also allows not to overload the energy demand during the day.

Another piece of good news announced by the engineer is that this subscription would not be reserved for Tesla Powerwall customers only.

Tesla solar roof // Source: Tesla

Obviously, this monthly subscription offer highlights the fact that Tesla can buy electricity at a low price, in particular thanks to its own customers who produce and return electricity to the grid when there are surpluses. It is also a good way for customers to cover their backs against possible price increases. Tesla is also involved in energy production, with its own solar panels.

Today in Texas, tomorrow at home?

This ecosystem, both energy provider and charging system, was announced only for Texas last December, when Tesla Electric was born. And unfortunately, at the moment, the discounted price of the monthly top-up is also reserved for the Lone Star State at the moment.

Tesla isn’t the only one relying on such a virtual power plant system to provide power. Precisely, the manufacturer Nio, the same one that has just emerged victorious from a battle with Audi for the name of its models, also looks this way.

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