Tesla finally begins to deploy Tesla Vision, to park your car without scratching it

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Promised by Elon Musk, Teslas without ultrasonic sensors or radars and powered only by Tesla Vision cameras are finally hitting the road. Then they use the Tesla Vision system, a device that supposedly makes autopilot more efficient and saves the brand money. We take stock.

The “world” seen by Tesla’s FSD. Credit: Romain Heuillard for Frandroid

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Tesla cars have supported autonomous driving for many years, inaugurated in the Model S launched in 2012. Since then, all vehicles in the range, from Model 3 to Model X to Model Y, have been equipped with this level 2 technology In the United States, the FSD (total autonomous driving), is still in beta testing while it is not offered in Europe. And this even if level 3 is now authorized with us.

a new technology

Initially, Tesla’s autopilot, currently under legal investigation in the United States, was based on radars, ultrasonic sensors and cameras. But over the years things have changed a lot. Indeed, in May 2021 the first of the brand’s cars had been withdrawn in the United States, followed by Europe last April.

In April 2021, Elon Musk announced that eventually the brand’s self-driving cars will no longer use radar or ultrasonic sensors. A strategy confirmed by a press release published on the company’s website and announcing that the latter would then replaced by Tesla Vision system, camera based only. A change that would then apply first to the Model 3 and Model Y and then to the Model S and Model X in 2023.

Therefore, the elimination of ultrasonic sensors would allowtaking autonomous driving capability one step further brand cars But this implies the removal of some functions temporarily, as we explained in a previous article. In practice, parking a Tesla that is not equipped with ultrasonic sensors is more difficult, as we were able to point out in our Tesla Model Y Propulsion test.

While Elon Musk hadn’t really given any news of his Tesla Vision, this system would actually be closer than ever. Even better, it would even be available in some cars.

This is shown in a photo transmitted by the site. Not a Tesla app Taken by a driver during a test drive of a Model 3 at a dealership located in Poland. In this, we see that the car is capable of detects the distance that separates you from obstacles without using an ultrasonic sensor. A feature that is already shown in a video posted by the Youtube channel. SaveEV’s.

only for cameras

In this, the owner of the Model 3 had tried to hide the cameras to see if the car detected the distances thanks to them. Once these were hidden, the system would stop working, proving its usefulness. These images seem to prove that the Tesla Vision system is slowly being implemented in the brand’s cars.

A few days ago, some owners were surprised to discover that their Tesla was equipped with 360° vision, without the brand officially communicating about it. This system is then based on cameras, although the screen only shows a 3D view and not actual images. The Tesla Vision should make parking a lot easier and would be at least as efficient as the sensor system on paper.

Tesla vision

If you own a Tesla without ultrasonic sensors but don’t have Tesla Vision yet, be patient. It is possible that the rollout will take place in several waves, until the American manufacturer decides that the system is as efficient as with cars equipped with ultrasonic sensors.

Tesla Vision + Hardware 4 = perfection?

It would also allow the brand to make significant savings, as it prepares for a tough year in 2023 before the big, game-changing price drop. However, and if Tesla does not communicate much about its new camera system, a great evolution is expected shortly.

Indeed, Elon Musk recently confirmed that his Cybertruck, which will go on sale this summer, would be the brand’s first model to be equipped with Hardware 4. This will benefit from a new processor, but it will be accompanied by a frontal withdrawal. camera.

In addition, it is rumored that Tesla would also consider a return of the radar, in millimeter format, as suggested by a patent filed by the brand last June. Amazing, when Elon Musk declared in 2021 that ” security will be higher with pure vision than with vision and radar, not weaker“. Later she had qualified his promise by explaining that “very high definition radar would be preferable to pure vision, but such a radar does not exist. I mean, HD radar vision would be better than pure vision.. »

Does the leader therefore put everything in the cameras? waiting to find a more efficient sensor ? Definitely. The innovation unveiled by equipment manufacturer Plastic Omnium at CES in Las Vegas, with its body-integrated sensor as effective as LiDAR, could change the boss’s mind…

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