Tesla breaks a new record in Europe, but promising batteries will still wait

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Tesla says it produced 4,000 Model Ys at its Gigafactory in Berlin last week. A new record for the manufacturer, which is gradually getting closer to its goal. On the contrary, the company will, however, reduce the production of batteries made in Europe.

This is a new record for Tesla! The firm, which achieved an incredible performance in 2022 by delivering more than a million electric cars worldwide, has just achieved another top performance. Sure TwitterThe European division of the Texan firm has just announced another piece of good news regarding its German factory located near Berlin.

a great performance

The automaker officially confirms that no fewer than 4,000 Model Ys rolled off the production line last week. A new record for the German Gigafactory. Tesla was pleased last December that it was able to produce 3,000 electric SUVs in a week at its assembly site.

Enough to allow the Model Y to approach the title of best-selling car in the world, when it was already the most registered in Europe last November, followed by the Model 3 and other Fiat 500s. In total, and as specified by the site Teslaratithe Berlin plant can now produce no less than 208,000 Tesla Model Y per year.

4k Model Y built at Giga Berlin this week 🤘

Congratulations to the Tesla team! pic.twitter.com/VJ0qBPkQ6U

— Tesla Europe (@tesla_europe) February 27, 2023

Because at the moment only the electric SUV is assembled in Europe, and this in several of its versions, but not the Propulsion, which is currently the cheapest of the brand. Especially since the big price drop made by the manufacturer last January. Thus, the Model Y could become the only car of the brand to qualify for the ecological bonus if the government decides to reserve it for vehicles assembled in the Old Continent.

As a reminder, Tesla aims to produce at least 5,000 Model Y per week at its German headquarters, i.e. 260,000 cars per year. This site has the particularity of being equipped with the brand’s most advanced paint booth, which makes it possible to offer Quicksilver and Cherry Red colors only for European customers.

Idle Battery Production

You should also know that the Gigafactory in Berlin would also be ready to produce batteries, which are currently manufactured in Asia and then imported to Europe. If the American firm had experienced some difficulties at the end of last year to start production of its famous and very promising 4680 cells, because remarkably offering greater autonomythese concerns now appear to be resolved.

A few days ago, the Minister of Economic Affairs, Jörg Steinbach, even stated that the German factory was already producing battery components in small quantities, not complete packages. At the moment, only Model Ys built at the Austin plant are equipped with these new batteries, although this could change soon, to the benefit of customers. These are cheaper to produce and could allow the brand to cut prices further. You could also choose to increase your profits like Ford.

Photo of the Gigafactory in Berlin // Source: Tesla

However, we will have to take our problems with patience. In fact, a Tesla spokesman broadcast by the US agency Reuters that the brand eventually concentrate the production of its batteries in the United States to the detriment of Europe. In question, the American law known asInflation Reduction Law, which aims, in particular, to promote cleaner energy. Therefore, electric cars are now eligible for a tax credit of 7,500 eurosas long as they are produced in the United States, just like your batteries.

Tesla is likely to announce additional details tomorrow, when investor day, during which Elon Musk will announce his plans for the coming years. He could also take the opportunity to unveil his future Model 2, recently seen in a mysterious video that shows illustrations that represent sketches of the electric compact. Unless the Tesla boss is content to introduce the redesigned Teslas Model 3 (Highland).

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