Switch to 5G with this mobile plan without commitment for only 15.99 euros

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Bouygues Telecom is attacking the year very strongly with an interesting mobile plan. Without compromise, 5G also has a very large endowment of data, all for a price of less than 16 euros. A bargain that is certainly worth a look.

The major major operators are betting on promotional offers, and that is good news for users. This fight allows everyone to get more and more complete packages without breaking the bank.

For the moment, for example, Bouygues Telecom is doing well with an offer that has accumulated good points. In fact, the operator offers its 130 GB B&You 5G package (only that) for 15.99 euros per month. An offer that is all the more interesting because it is not binding, and therefore you can leave it whenever you want if the grass seems greener elsewhere.

Why choose the B&You 5G 130 GB plan?

Well, if you’re looking for an affordable 5G plan for a compatible smartphone, this deal is extremely attractive.

Ya, because it offers an envelope of data pretty substantial with no less than 130 GB on the counter. A good saving that can be used to watch all the content you want online, video in mind, thanks to the excellent speeds offered by Bouygues Telecom. Better still, no less than 30 GB of this envelope can be used during your travels in Europe and the overseas departments.

The advantages of B&You mobile plans

In fairly standard fashion, mobile data is supplemented here with a combo of unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, either in mainland France, to Europe and the overseas departments, or from these very places. To offer you the best possible service, this B&You package uses the Bouygues Telecom network, which covers almost 93% of mainland France and 99% of the population (ARCEP data).

Last argument in favor of this package: subscription without obligation. To take advantage of this great rate, you don’t need to commit for the next two years. There is also no risk that the bill will increase after twelve months. After subscription, you decide when your subscription ends.

The B&You 5G 130 GB package is currently offered at 15.99 euros per month. It also has a payment of 10 euros when subscribing, for the new SIM card and its routing.

How do I subscribe to the B&You 5G 130 GB package?

You may know this, but it’s always good to be specific: subscribing to a plan has never been easier than it is today. By choosing the option to keep the number when you register, you get rid of the vast majority of paperwork for the benefit of your (new) operator.

For the process to go smoothly, all you have to do is retrieve the RIO identifier associated with your line beforehand. A very simple operation that only requires contacting (for free) 3179 from your mobile and writing down the 12-character code that is given to you.

Once the latter is transmitted to Bouygues, the operator takes care of canceling your old line and opening the new one, all without ever having to suffer a service interruption.

What are the other B&You offers?

In addition to its 130 GB 5G package at €15.99, Bouygues Telecom currently offers two other B&You packages:

  • a 1 GB plan at 6.99 euros per month (ideal for those who mainly want to make calls);
  • a 200 GB plan at 19.99 euros per month (for all those who consume a lot of data per month).

These two plans are also without commitment, and benefit from the same advantages in terms of networks, calls, SMS and MMS. Only difference: it is a 4G package and not 5G.

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